‘Titans’ Finale Recap: Family Dysfunction, Love, Death, and Nightwing

In the season finale of the DC Universe’s Titans, the audience finally had the chance to see the Titans in action led by Grayson. It took two seasons to finally see the evolution of Dick’s transition from Robin to Nightwing.

Throughout the entirety of the show, the Titans have been a dysfunctional group of individuals. However, in the finale they begin to come together utilizing their powers, their knowledge, and their unique perspectives on life.

The threat of Deathstroke combined with the loss of Jericho has been a hindrance to the growth of the team. Leading into the finale, Dick battled with his leadership skills and failures all while dealing with issues he has with his father, Batman.

DC Universe 'Titans'
DC Universe ‘Titans’ | Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for DC UNIVERSE

The Titans try to get it together

The episode begins with multiple threats: Deathstroke is attacking, and Beast Boy and Superboy have been brainwashed and are being used as mercenaries for the evil Cadmus.

The team is in disarray with a desire to help but no way to incorporate a successful strategy. The women band together, ready to valiantly fight even with certain doom facing them. Out of nowhere comes the surviving hero: Nightwing.

Fans have been clamoring for this since the Titans first banded together two seasons ago, however the producers of the show have slow-rolled the hero’s evolution and now we’re beginning to see why.

Robin is the least powerful hero on the team but is easily the most influential. But you begin to get a sense of wonder as a superhero with no powers shows up to save the day.

Nightwing gets an assist

He begins to lead the team in the battle, flawlessly creating a plan to free Superboy and Beast Boy from their brainwashed state by utilizing Rachel’s powers and turning them back to good.

Once they returned to their normal state they turn their attention to Cadmus, who’s seeking to profit off of their powers. Robin (Jason Todd) must face his own battles and demons as he takes on Deathstroke and finds a way to free Jericho from his imprisoned state inside of Deathstroke’s mind.

In doing so, he helps Jericho with Rose, the sister who was forced to kill her father. Jericho possesses Rose and speaks to her and the rest of the Titans.

He’s accepted them as his family and rejects Slade. All of these events were subtly pointing to the overall point of the story: battles were waged on multiple fronts and family matters.

Death hurts

Throughout the two seasons many have wondered what’s the point of this story and today we found out: family. Hawk and Dove reunited and the hurt from episodes past jumped out on the screen, but the love did as well.

When the battles ended, the heroes were forced to face the ramifications of war, including the death of Wonder Girl, Donna Troy. Although she died, she did so as a hero by saving Duff‘s life.

The heroes were forced to bury their friend and look at themselves in the mirror to decide if they were going to allow it to end the Titans or make them stronger. Ironically, it was Batman who reminded them that they were family and family is stronger when they stay together.

Fans weren’t really happy with this finale, with some expressing that it felt confusing or disjointed, and Wonder Girl’s death was unnecessary. Why didn’t Superboy help? Perhaps with the appearance of Blackfire for season 3, the series will pick up.