T.J. Miller Defends Being in ‘The Emoji Movie,’ Tells Critics to Check His IMDB

After leaving HBO’s Silicon Valley, T.J. Miller is defending his decision to star in the critically-derided The Emoji Movie, telling those who hate him to go check his IMDB and see how much work he’s getting.

Miller spoke with Forbes this week and brought up The Emoji Movie, which received a score of 10% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 2.1 out of 10 on IMDB. The comedian and actor suggested that what’s most important to him is continuing to get work, and in that respect his career is going great.

“People hated the Emoji Movie,” Miller said. “They hated me for being in it. They said, ‘You stupid a**hole. You idiot; you have no future.’ But check my IMDB, I have movie after movie coming out.”

T.J. Miller in 2016

T.J. Miller in 2016. | Mark Davis/Getty Images

Miller went on to emphasize this point that what matters is working hard on a lot of projects, saying that he doesn’t care about winning any awards.

“If you want to be successful, just work harder than everyone around you,” Miller told Forbes. “You can say Amy Schumer or Aziz Ansari are more successful than I am, but I’m not in it to win Emmys; I’m just in it to work — and I’m coming out with two books, and they are just coming out with one.”

According to Miller’s IMDB, he currently has six projects in development: WaldenUnderwaterReady Player OneDeadpool 2, the second season of Crashing, and How to Train Your Dragon 3. Miller used to star on the hit HBO sitcom Silicon Valley, but he suddenly left earlier this year. While speaking to Forbes this week, Miller suggested that at least part of the reason for this very public exit was in order to keep his name in the news.

“To leave that show, to do an authentic exit interview, and one that didn’t just disappear, means staying in the media cycle, and I need to stay in the media because it makes you more famous, and that means I can move towards a social mission,” Miller said.

Going forward, Miller plans to continue starring in films and performing stand-up comedy, focusing more of his time on the latter than the former. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter after his exit over the summer, Miller said that he doesn’t particularly like acting, and he also said that leaving was “a joke.”

“I’m not an actor; I’m a comedian,” he said. “And I don’t know how the f*ck I hoodwinked Hollywood into giving me a career in this. But I’m not sitting here saying, ‘I need more lines. I’m not funny enough.’ I’m not Thomas Middleditch. I’m me, the guy that thinks all of this is sort of ridiculous. It was a joke. Leaving was a joke that I thought would be a good joke because the show would grow and change. It seemed like a funny trick to play on everyone.”

T.J. Miller in 2016

T.J. Miller in 2016. | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

He seemed aware in that interview that it might seem like a strange decision to leave the show and then immediately star in The Emoji Movie, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “It’s, like, the best show on television, in my opinion, and I’m going and doing The Emoji Movie — and you can publish that because Sony knows we down to get motherf*cking paid globally.” But he added that he wants to have a schedule where he can have more lazy days, and he wants perform a public service by doing more stand-up comedy.

Miller has suggested in other interviews that he took his role in The Emoji Movie partially due to the absurdity of it. He told The Huffington Post, “I think this was an opportunity to do something that is new, and they described to me…and also, sort of, as a joke. I think it’s very funny to be in a movie called “The Emoji Movie.”