TLC’s Newest Show ‘sMothered’ Explores the Mother-Daughter Relationship Taken to the Extreme

If you were worried you wouldn’t get your fill of unique families this summer, TLC has you covered. The network that brought us 19 Kids and Counting, Little People, Big World and Jon and Kate Plus 8, is back with a brand-new series, and it promises to take family dynamics to the extreme. sMothered will chronicle the lives of four mother-daughter pairs who are just a little bit too close for comfort, and fans are already gearing up for a cringe-fest. Even if the show is terrible, it probably will make you feel a little bit better about your own dysfunctional family.

What is sMothered about?

What happens when a mother-daughter relationship is taken to the extreme? TLC was wondering the same thing, and now they’ve assembled a cast of four mothers and daughters whose bond is completely and utterly unbreakable. From sharing beds to sharing bath water to taking part in double dates, these mother-daughter duos are closer than you can imagine – but is that always a good thing?

According to E!, Cher and Dawn are a mother-daughter lookalike couple who both married men in their 20s. Sunhe and Angelica share everything, including a bed and bath water. Kathy and Christina share co-parenting duties, much to the chagrin of Christina’s husband, and Sandra and Mariah are more like best friends who party together than mother and daughter.

TLC plans to look at the good, the bad, and the dysfunctional that comes along with a closer-than-natural bond between these duos. Is the mother-daughter relationship between these four pairs sweet, or are they fueling further dysfunction in their independent adult lives?

When does the show premiere?

TLC announced the summer premiere last week, and so far sMothered is slated to hit television screens on June 9, 2019, at 9 pm. The network has stayed tight-lipped about just how many episodes of the fledgling docuseries will air, but rest assured there is likely to be plenty to unpack with these obsessed family members.

The lack of information about the number of episodes for the show is not uncommon. TLC is a network that primarily enjoys trying out new concepts and shows to see if they will stick. If all goes well, however, fans will likely be seeing plenty from the four pairs cast for the first season.

A repeat reality TV star is part of the cast

Reality TV veteran viewers might recognize one of the cast members of sMothered. Cher and Dawn first appeared on My Super Sweet 16, a now-defunct MTV. The show followed the lives of uber-rich teenagers as they planned blowout bashes for their milestone birthdays.

Cher appeared in Season 4 of the show. She was determined to outdo her over-the-top Bat Mitzvah party with a Mardi Gras themed event. She was then exiled to Panama to gain a little bit of independence, but apparently, it backfired. Back stateside, Cher and her mother are closer than ever. That might not last long, though. TLC has teased that a big announcement might shred their incredibly close bond.