‘To All the Boys: Always and Forever’: Lana Condor ‘Wasn’t Going to Leave the Set Without’ 1 of Lara Jean’s Prized Possessions

Lana Condor’s done playing Lara Jean Covey. Just like her character, the 23-year-old actor likes keepsakes. Condor walked away from To All the Boys: Always and Forever with a few things to remember the experience. 

[Spoilers ahead for To All the Boys: Always and Forever]

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Lana Condor admitted to being a ‘mess’ filming the last movie

Playing Covey in three Netflix original movies based on Jenny Han’s novels, Condor’s spent more than three years with her love-letter-writing and rom-com obsessed character. Now that the trilogy’s final installment has premiered — To All the Boys: Always and Forever began streaming on Feb. 12, 2021 — Condor’s had to say goodbye to Covey as well as her fellow cast members.

“Let’s be honest: I was a complete mess.” Condor told Self about filming To All the Boys: Always and Forever

She continued, saying it was a bittersweet experience. 

“I was having the best day ever working with my friends,” she said. “And then my heart was also breaking at the same time, because I knew I was going to have to say goodbye to this character that has done so much for me and has just changed my life, has given me these insane opportunities, has just made me feel like I’m more connected to my community.”

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Lana Condor kept Lara Jean Covey’s hatbox and some of her clothes

When filming wrapped on the third film Condor didn’t leave the set empty-handed. In a February 2021 interview with The New York Times, the actor shared what she took from the set of To All the Boys: Always and Forever. First up, Covey’s clothes. 

“Did I get to keep any of the clothes? No. Did I steal the clothes? Yes,” Condor said. “We spent hours and hours for every outfit making it perfect, because we saw from the first movie that girls actually went out to buy the outfits.”

What about the bowling shirts Covey had made for her and Peter Kavinsky’s (Noah Centineo) Big Lebowski inspired date? Condor’s got one. 

“In the third movie, they have this bowling jersey that we mimic from “The Big Lebowski,” so I have that,” she said. 

Condor continued, saying the one item she had to have was perhaps the franchise’s most memorable item: Covey’s hatbox where she kept all of her love letters.

“I have the hatbox, which is not a piece of clothing, but I wasn’t going to leave the set without it,” she said. 

What else does the actor have? “I have this blue silk jacket that she wears during a scene with Peter [in Part 1] when she’s talking about people leaving — ‘The more people you let into your life, the more that can walk right out.’ I love that,” she said.

She also “took a pair of jeans, which is not exciting, but it’s very hard to find a good pair of jeans.”

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Lana Condor’s not ruling out ‘To All the Boys 4’

Covey and Kavinsky going to college across the country from another may not be the end of their story. 

“I think never say never,” Condor said. “[But] the third is all I know. To me, that’s the ending.” 

The actor also admitted she wouldn’t mind seeing a future version of the couple where they reconnect as adults. Even the author of the books that inspired the movies isn’t sure this is the end of Covey and Kavinsky. And if Han decides to write another book, Condor will happily reprise her role. She told Variety as much in February 2020.

Watch the To All the Boys trilogy on Netflix. 

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