‘Today Show’s’ Dylan Dreyer Posts a Pic of Herself on a Ladder While Pregnant and Fans React

Today Show’s Dylan Dreyer is expecting her second child in just a few months. With her growing baby bump making her pregnancy obvious to even occasional Today viewers, Dreyer is receiving a ton of advice from friends and strangers on all things baby and parenting related.

When Dreyer helped her husband, Brian Fichera, paint their almost 3-year-old son Calvin’s room, she received some backlash from concerned fans when they saw a social media post with a picture of her on a ladder.

“Today Show’s” Dylan Dreyer | Nathan Congleton/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

Almost time

Shortly after announcing her happy news in July of expecting another child, Dreyer spoke to People about the joy of giving Calvin a baby brother. “[The baby] continues to grow healthy and strong each day. I’m so excited for Calvin to have a little [sibling],” she gushed. “He sort of understands what’s going on but when you ask him about the baby, he says he wants to pet it. So we’ll see!”

Some of her Today Show co-hosts gave her tips on having two kids in tow. Carson Daly, who is currently a father of three and expecting a fourth in the spring with wife Siri, suggested some thoughtful presents from sibling to sibling. “What we did when we had Etta, our second child, to ease the thing for Jackson (Daly’s firstborn son) or Calvin … it would be like new baby would give Calvin little gifts every now and again and the gifts wouldn’t be from mom and dad but from baby brother or sister,” Daly recommended, as reported by Today.com. “By the time the baby comes out, the kid thinks you’re giving birth to Santa Claus.”

Questioning the climb

Earlier this week, Dreyer’s husband posted a video of Dreyer on a ladder trying to reach some high sections of Calvin’s room to paint, with Cheap Trick’s “Surrender” setting the mood. As always, people weighed in via social media.

“Ok love u both but no more ladders. Not good if u lost balance which could happen!!” one person wrote, according to Today.com. “Eek! Dylan scaring me on that ladder,” another posted.

One follower didn’t like her using the ladder or the paint. “OK, so the Italian mama in me is freaking out because 1. You’re on a super high ladder and 2. There are paint fumes in there!” the user posted.

Dreyer decided to post her own point of view. “Regarding the ladder discussion: as Cheap Trick says ‘mommy’s alright’. I know my limits and I had my mind set on Brian and me painting this room for Calvin,” she wrote. “Call me stubborn, but I’m not stupid and I was very safe and secure. I’m very proud of us! And this video captures our pure happiness!”

Responding on the air

This week, Dreyer commented during Today’s third hour on the posts she received, wanting to let viewers know that she is safe and would never consider doing something that would endanger her baby.

“I got a lot of flak for being on the ladder, but I just want everyone to know I’m stubborn and I’m determined and there’s no not getting me on that ladder and I was very safe,” she said.

Apparently, some experts agree with Dryer. Nancy Redd, author of “Pregnancy, OMG! The First-Ever Photographic Guide for Modern Mamas-To-Be,” wrote in to TODAY Parents backing up the morning show co-host.

“Dylan’s armchair critics need to stop telling a pregnant woman what she can’t do,” Redd wrote. “It is imperative that we all realize that the biggest risk in pregnancy isn’t healthy physical activity.”

Dreyer is clearly doing well and takes the comments of viewers to heart, which may be one of the reasons she’s a fan favorite.

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