‘Today Show’s’ Savannah Guthrie Says This 1 Thing Helps Her Have Peace

Savannah Guthrie of the Today Show has been manning the desk at the top-rated morning news program since 2012. With today’s headlines including mass shootings, political mudslinging, and natural disasters, the job of a journalist can become emotionally challenging. While Guthrie admits the onslaught of troubling news can get to her, she uses this practice to maintain a peaceful and positive perspective. 

“Today Show’s” Savannah Guthrie | Tyler Essary/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

Unplugging at home

Guthrie’s demanding career makes it difficult to completely disconnect from work when she’s at home. Making her husband and two active young children – daughter Vale, 5, and son Charley, almost 3 – a priority when she leaves work behind at the end of the day is still a challenge, but Guthrie tries to find ways to make it work.

“I don’t have cable news on all day long. And as for my phone, I’ll check it, and it’s there, but it doesn’t buzz, it makes no sounds, I don’t have any alerts like that, and I try to keep it up on the counter,” she told Health Magazine. “Because especially now, if my kids see my phone, they want to play with it.”

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Motherhood and faith

Guthrie has openly shared how her strong faith is essential in her life, especially when it comes to parenting. “Motherhood and faith go together. I couldn’t do one without the other. You need faith to get through motherhood. Wine helps. But faith is crucial,” she said, according to Today.com.

The journalist credits her mother’s example of commitment as her inspiration to make faith a priority. “My mother says people often ask her, ‘How did your kids turn out okay? What did you do?’” Guthrie shared. “She always says, ‘a lot of knee time.’ In other words, for her, being a good mother came down to praying her heart out for her kids.”

Guthrie revealed that her strong maternal instincts drive her to her faith, just as she saw with her mother. “Sometimes it literally meant getting down on her knees and praying for God’s protection,” she explained. “Because, there comes a moment in every mother’s life when you know that there’s nothing you can do to protect your child. Maybe that’s true from the second they are born.”

How she finds peace

The Today Show delivers headlines from the national and international front lines, often containing stories of pure heartache and devastation. As a top journalist on a national network news program, Guthrie is subjected to hearing about the latest tragedies on a daily basis. The gravity of today’s harsh realities can take a toll on Guthrie, though she does find a way to help her maintain a positive outlook and mindset of peace.

“I can’t tune it out, and I shouldn’t tune it out, but there’s a lot of difficult news that we cover all the time, and I do have to find ways to detach,” she said of today’s news cycle to Health Magazine. “There have been stories that I have privately cried over, that have broken my heart, that I still think about to this day. One thing I do is I pray. I pray for them, and I turn what I can over to God and my faith, and that really does help me.”

The Today anchor has also learned when she just needs to call it a day for anything work related. “I look for those little pockets of peace, those moments where I can ask myself, ‘Do I need to read this right now, or can I catch up on this later?’” Guthrie said. “If I’m not at work, the answer probably is: ‘It can wait.’”