These Toddlers’ ‘Fixer Upper’ Halloween Costumes Are the Cutest Thing You’ll Ever See

chip and joanna toddlers

These toddlers look surprisingly similar to Chip and Joanna. | Eumy Rha Frenkel via Facebook

It’s no secret that Chip and Joanna Gaines from HGTV’s Fixer Upper have a huge fan base. But their fan base stretches far beyond HGTV’s majority-female audience; it stretches all the way to toddlers. One best-friend duo decided to dress up as the popular home remodelers for Halloween, and their costumes are absolutely adorable.

The two toddlers met when they were six months old

Sydney Frenkel and Ryan Freedman of Short Hills, New Jersey met in a Gymboree class when they were just six months old. Since then, the two have been best friends. But it was their parents, specifically Frenkel’s mother, who noticed the serious resemblance between this toddler pair and the television couple.

At three years old, the best friends bear a striking resemblance to Chip and Joanna

The toddlers are both now three, and they’re still as close as ever. According to People, the kids’ parents say they act like a married couple. “They light up when they see each other and bicker like husband and wife,” said Eumy Rha Frenkel, Sydney Frenkel’s mother. But it’s their looks that truly connect them to Chip and Joanna. Freedman sports the same bright red hair and pale complexion as Chip Gaines, while Frenkel has shiny dark hair and bears a striking resemblance to Joanna.

They dressed up as the couple for Halloween

The toddlers, with the help of Frenkel’s mother, put together Halloween costumes that turned them each into the mini-me version of their favorite Fixer Upper stars. Freedman sported a construction belt, duck boots, jeans, and a shirt that read “demo day.” His best friend, Frenkel, wore a Waco shirt with jeans and Hunter boots. If you look quickly, you might even think it was the real Chip and Joanna. (Not really, since they’re toddlers, but the resemblance is that crazy.)

Chip and Joanna haven’t commented on the costumes, but we know they’d be proud

As far as we know, Chip and Joanna haven’t seen these toddlers. However, the Magnolia couple would definitely be proud of these little workers and how much they love the Fixer Upper couple. Plus, the two young kids dressing up shows that everyone of any age loves Chip and Joanna.

Although the famous couple is done filming their show, they definitely haven’t fallen off anyone’s radar. The couple now has honed in on Magnolia Market, their famous shop, as well as their restaurant. They also launched Magnolia Journal, Joanna’s magazine, in fall 2017. Earlier this year, Joanna gave birth to their fifth child, so it makes sense the two have taken a break from television to focus on all of their other responsibilities. With their plates full, fans are on their toes wondering when and what their next business venture will be.

We’re certain there will be more Chip and Joanna costumes over the next few years, since this couple definitely isn’t going away any time soon. However, we’re not sure any future costumes will be quite as adorable as Freedman and Frenkel’s.

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