Tom Bergeron Addresses ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Fans Who Won’t Watch It Without Him

The news of Tom Bergeron getting fired wasn’t taken well. Many Dancing with the Stars claimed they wouldn’t watch the new season. The season is over and Bergeron is now responding to fans who won’t watch it.

Tom Bergeron was fired from ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Carrie Ann Inaba, Tom Bergeron, Len Goodman, and Bruno Tonioli on 'Dancing with the Stars'
Carrie Ann Inaba, Tom Bergeron, Len Goodman, and Bruno Tonioli on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ | Eric McCandless via Getty Images

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Bergeron has hosted the show since the first season of the competition. But that all changed for season 29.

“Just informed @DancingABC will be continuing without me. It’s been an incredible 15 year run and the most unexpected gift of my career. I’m grateful for that and for the lifelong friendships made. That said, now what am I supposed to do with all of these glitter masks?” Bergeron tweeted on July 13.

Co-host Erin Andrews was also not asked to return. Tyra Banks took their place and there were more changes to the show because she is a producer of it. The news was a shock to fans and some claimed they would refuse to watch the new season.

Some fans hoped this could mean Bergeron would be cast as a celebrity instead. “Is this you finally becoming a contestant?” one fan tweeted. He answered, “Um…no.”

The future of the show is unknown

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Season 29 has come to a close. Banks has opened up about mistakes she made while hosting her first season. But she talked about possibly returning next season.

Banks told Entertainment Tonight that she hopes to “get up to 30” outfits if she does another season. She also named Colin Kaepernick as a celebrity she’d want to see compete.

She was then asked if she’ll return again. “I don’t know. We shall see! I don’t know,” the producer answered. “I had a good time. We’ll see.” It’s also unclear if Derek Hough will return as a judge again.

Bergeron addressed fans who aren’t watching the show

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Some fans say they’re not watching the show without Bergeron. He had a disappointing response to that in his interview with TV Guide.

“When people say, ‘I’m not gonna watch until you’re back,’ I say, ‘Well, there’s really no ‘until’ here.’ This train has left the station. I appreciate the sentiment, and I don’t hold it against anybody if they [watch],” he said.

The host also talked about the moments that stand out to him from hosting. “The friendships I have with people who were on camera and behind the camera,” he said. “I used to throw midseason parties for cast and staff. It helped create a sense of solidarity…and then we’d try to sober up the next day. “

The former host hasn’t found a new show after Dancing with the Stars. Sadly, it doesn’t look like there are any plans to bring him back.