Tom Brady Cheats on His Diet in the Sweetest Way During the Holidays

Tom Brady is one of the greatest athletes of all time and certainly one of the most famous. The quarterback for the New England Patriots has maintained a thriving career at an age when many football players have already retired or moved on to become sports announcers or commentators.

Still, all of that success doesn’t come easy. Brady follows a notoriously strict diet and exercise routine, one that he is willing to break only on the most special occasions.

Read on to learn about Brady’s insane diet plan, whether or not he ever has cheat days and the unique ways that he and his family celebrate the holiday season.

What does Tom Brady eat in a day?

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At the age of 42, Brady has honed his dietary needs to an exact science. Brady has claimed that his unique eating plan, known as “The TB12 Method” is a mixture of Eastern and Western philosophies and that, to him, it feels “unnatural” to eat many of the processed foods that have become very common in American society, like fried foods and white bread.

Instead, his diet is full of fresh fruits and vegetables that give him steady energy all day.

Brady starts an average day with electrolyte-infused water and a blueberry-banana smoothie that could also have nuts and seeds. Following his morning workout, Brady drinks even more electrolyte water, and possibly some eggs and avocado for a nutritious, hearty breakfast.

For lunch, Brady packs in the vegetables: usually a salad with nuts and fish. For dinner, although Brady doesn’t eat a ton of meat, he will usually fuel up with some lean protein such as roasted chicken and even more vegetables.

Brady does snack throughout the day, though not on processed things such as candy or chips. Instead, he reaches for protein-packed hummus or savory guacamole.

Does Tom Brady take cheat days during the holidays?

Tom Brady
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In general, Brady will allow himself to have a small treat such as bacon or a single slice of pizza if he really wants one. However, during the holidays, he goes all-out and indulges in one particular holiday treat that holds special meaning for him and his family.

Recently, Brady’s wife, Gisele Bundchen, shared a video on social media that showed Brady pulling a massive tray of biscuits out of the oven. The quarterback glazed the biscuits with butter as his wife laughingly looked on.

The biscuits are from a treasured recipe that Brady’s grandmother passed down. He has admitted that his favorite part of every holiday was eating those biscuits. Now that his grandmother is no longer alive, he keeps the tradition going by making them every holiday season and then coating them in butter and syrup.

Brady even brings a couple of trays of the biscuits to treat his team members during special occasions.

Tom Brady’s holiday traditions

In addition to the famous biscuits, Brady has a few other holiday traditions that he and his family look forward to all year long. Recently, Brady opened up about a few of his favorite parts of Christmas, which include colored lights rather than the white variety, and chocolate chip cookies — he doesn’t like gingerbread.

In spite of the inevitable craziness that comes with the holiday season, the decorated football player revealed that he feels “very blessed.” He also admitted that he loves listening to Christmas music on the radio and that he gifts his teammates with comfortable Ugg shoes, thanks to his modeling contract with the shoe company.