Tom Brady Might Be Losing the Support of His Fellow NFL Players

It has been an extremely active offseason for Tom Brady that began with him deciding to leave the New England Patriots after two decades. That led to him signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in free agency that has opened up a brand new chapter of his illustrious career. That hasn’t come without some bump on the road along the way. It has drawn the ire from the NFLPA for some of his actions this offseason ahead of the 2020 campaign.

Tom Brady holds player-led workouts

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It has been a busy offseason for Tom Brady that has seen him work fast to get acclimated to his new surroundings in Tampa Bay.

That has included him conducting a few player-led workouts with his new teammates to get to know them and build chemistry with them through their craft. It’s an entirely new experience for Brady as he has to get to know an almost completely new group of players to throw to in the passing game aside from Rob Gronkowski.

Brady has orchestrated a couple of these organized offseason workouts, which has he has been known to do throughout his career to keep himself in shape and maintain sharp chemistry with his teammates. Their a bit more emphasis this time around as this is very valuable time for him on the field as he learns more about the habits and tendencies of his Buccaneers teammates.

However, the entire process has come with some backlash that has frustrated the NFLPA a bit concerning his actions.

NFLPA mad at Tom Brady for holding workouts

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It has been a challenging time globally with concerns over the coronavirus, as it has continued to impact many lives around the world.

Many industries across the country take precautionary measures with the situation as the NFL has been in line with the medical recommendations. However, Tom Brady’s decision to continue to hold throwing sessions during this time has drawn the ire from the NFL Players’ Association as executive director DeMaurice Smith voiced that these workouts could compromise the players and the 2020 season. (H/T AFP)

“Those practices are not in the best interests of player safety,” Smith said. “They’re not in the best interests of protecting our players heading into training camp and I don’t think they’re in the best interests of us getting through an entire season.”

It hasn’t only been Brady as Seattle Seahawks star quarterback Russell Wilson recently held a workout that has drawn criticism. In Brady’s situation, there is a greater concern given the recent significant uptick in coronavirus cases cropping up in Florida. There isn’t any lockdown preventative measure to avoid the matter as many players have tested positive for the illness over the last several weeks.

Workouts like the one Brady and Wilson recently held are prime examples of what the league doesn’t want. The plan is to continue to have the 2020 season on schedule, but things like this could jeopardize it.

NFL hoping to keep 2020 season on track

It has been a complicated process for the NFL, as many of the other leagues are looking to get things going again.

The NFL has had the luxury of their 2020 season not starting until September, but some steps need to be taken ahead first to keep that on the scheduled path. Players are set to report to the training facilities at the end of July while that is expected to bite into the preseason as it will require a couple of weeks for them to get into football shape.

There remains much uncertainty as the second wave of the virus has hit the United States hard, with the number of cases moving above 500,000. The next few weeks will be telling of where things will head for the NFL in their hopes to play the 2020 season.

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