Tom Brady: The 1 Thing He’ll Never Do After Retiring

As one of the highest-profile players in the NFL, Tom Brady has the kind of life that most people only dream of. He’s made his fortune as one of the star players of the New England Patriots, and his marriage to top model Gisele Bundchen keeps him on the covers of tabloids on a weekly basis.

Brady is now one of the oldest players in the NFL, and though he’s not announced any plans for retirement, many of Brady’s fans are looking to the future, when he hangs up his helmet for good. Read on to learn how Brady first became famous, why he’s such a valuable player, and what he will definitely never do once he’s done playing football.

How did Tom Brady get started in football?

Tom Brady
Tom Brady | Mark Brown/Getty Images

Born in California in 1977, Tom Brady showed his natural affinity for sports at a very young age. He got involved in both baseball and football in high school and for a time, debated which one he would end up pursuing. Ultimately, his love for football won out and he went on to attend the University of Michigan. Brady wound up drafted by the New England Patriots, the team with which he would achieve lasting fame and fortune.

Brady’s time with the Patriots has made history as the longest stretch of time that any quarterback has stayed with one particular team. Brady has contributed to the Patriots’ standing as one of the top teams in the NFL, and Brady, in particular, has received numerous honors and accolades.

Possibly his greatest achievement is the fact that out of nine Super Bowls that Brady has played in, he’s taken home a ring in six of them – and been named MVP in four of those games. Although Brady has weathered some scandals during his time in football, like the notorious “Deflategate,” he’s always managed to come out on top in the end.

What does Brady bring to the game?

While many fans know that Tom Brady isn’t the strongest or most athletic player that professional football has to offer, he has numerous other abilities that have helped propel him to the top of his field.

In a recent interview with Bill Belichick, the coach of the New England Patriots, he stated that Brady has amazing natural instincts for the game, and one of his greatest advantages is that he is able to survey a football field and map it out in his head, processing a large amount of information very quickly. Belichick also praised Brady for his incredibly “mental toughness,” no small praise from a man who lives and breathes football.

What will Brady ‘never’ do after quitting football?

Tom Brady’s age has become a subject of much conversation in recent years. Brady turned 42 on August 3, and although he is now one of the oldest players to be in the game, he hasn’t announced any sort of retirement plan.

Many professional football players go on to become commentators for ESPN after retirement or even give back by becoming a coach and advising the next generation of NFL superstars. Brady, however, has made it clear that he has no interest in becoming a coach.

Recently, Brady was asked by reporters if he would possibly consider coaching at some point in the future, and Brady responded with an emphatic, “Oh hell no, I’m never coaching. Playing is enough for me.”

Brady is a family man, happily married to Gisele Bundchen and with several children to take care of. Perhaps, after he retires, Brady will simply relax at home and spend quality time with those he loves best.