What Is Tom Cruise’s Salary for the ‘Mission: Impossible’ Films?

Tom Cruise at the premiere of Rock of Ages in 2012

Tom Cruise | Stuart Wilson/Getty Images

Tom Cruise truly gives everything he has to the Mission: Impossible films, putting his life in danger by performing death-defying stunts and, in the case of this last film, actually breaking his ankle during one scene. Cruise is one of the biggest movie stars in the world, and the Mission: Impossible series is a rare modern franchise that would be absolutely nothing without its main star. So what, exactly, does Cruise get paid for these films? Just how hefty is his salary?

As you would expect, it’s quite a lot, although he makes much of his money off the back end rather than in advance; this means that Cruise gets a flat fee up front, which is already huge, but he also makes money based on how well the film ends up performing.

With his upfront salary and great back-end deal, Cruise reportedly made $70 million off the first Mission: Impossible film, released in 1996. That’s pretty incredible, especially when you consider the fact that the movie’s entire budget was $80 million.

This same report says that Cruise earned $75 million off the second and third films and $70 million off the fourth one, Ghost Protocol.

For the fifth film in the series, Rogue Nation, Cruise reportedly got paid $25 million up front, with this not including his back-end deal. This seems to have been a significant raise after Ghost Protocol; according to that same source, Cruise’s upfront salary for Ghost Protocol was $12 million.

In 2010, Cruise’s representatives confirmed to New York Magazine that he had agreed to take a pay cut for Ghost Protocol, with his salary being described as “a substantially reduced upfront payment relative to his previous outings with the M:I films.” So although it’s unclear what his upfront salary was for the first three films, it seems it was a lot more than $12 million.

Just as Cruise reportedly got a raise for Rogue Nation, it also seems he got another one for Fallout. After all, back in 2016, Deadline reported that the sixth installment in the franchise had stalled due to a salary dispute with Cruise.

Tom Cruise at the premiere of 'The Mummy.'

Tom Cruise | Angela Weiss/Getty Images

The Hollywood Reporter later reported that these financial issues had been dealt with and the movie would be moving forward. Presumably, Cruise got a pay increase.

Indeed, Statistic Brain lists his salary for Fallout as $28 million, a bit higher than his reported $25 million salary for Rogue Nation. It’s unclear whether this number is accurate, but it is in line with the other reporting we have seen.

After taking a look at these numbers, it makes sense that Cruise was the seventh highest-paid actor in 2017 despite only starring in two films, neither of which were hits. He was paid his eight-figure salary for Mission: Impossible – Fallout that year, and he reportedly received eight figures for his work on The Mummy, which was a box office bomb for Universal. Cruise also starred in American Made in 2017; it’s unclear what he got for that, but it would have been a smaller fee considering the film’s budget was only $50 million and it was a bit of a box office disappointment.

Cruise’s total net worth is reportedly $550 million, which makes him among the richest actors in the world, surpassing the wealth of George Clooney, Jack Nicholson, Tom Hanks, and Will Smith.