Tom Hanks’ Son Chet Declares This Will Be a ‘White Boy Summer’ and Outlines Rules To Follow

Tom Hanks’ son Chet Hanks is known for making some outlandish remarks. In the past, he’s been put through the wringer for using the n-word and mimicking Jamaican patois while speaking, but his latest comments may have taken the cake.

The actor recently took to his Instagram page to claim that the upcoming summer would be a “white boy summer”, which predictably sent the internet into a frenzy. In a series of videos, he outlined what a white boy summer is, as well as the rules anyone participating in it should follow. 

Although his remarks might sound a bit divisive, Hanks assures that his white boy summer campaign is merely an effort to promote some personal endeavors he’s been working on. 

Chet Hanks recently declared the summer of 2021 would be a ‘white boy summer’

Chet Hanks attends the 77th AnnChet Hanks attends the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel
Chet Hanks attends the 77th AnnChet Hanks attends the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

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The drama began after Hanks took to his Instagram profile to announce that the summer of 2021 would be known as white boy summer. 

“Hey guys, look I just wanted to tap in really quick, I just got this feeling man… that this summer is, it’s about to be a white boy summer. Take it how you want. I’m not talking about Trump, NASCAR type white. I’m talking about, you know, me, Jon B, Jack Harlow type white boy summer. Let me know if you guys can vibe with that and get ready, ’cause I am,” Hanks said.

He made some rules for white boy summer

In another video, Hanks clarified that white boy summer does not mean participants should put down people of other ethnic backgrounds, genders, or religions. 

“Check this out, you know what’s not white boy summer? This is the epitome of not white boy summer,” Hanks said. “Is having any ill-will or prejudice towards anybody from a different background, race, walk of life, than you. Having any ill-will whatsoever towards anybody that’s different from you, that’s not white boy summer, dude. That’s the sh*t that we’ve gotta elevate and get rid of, straight up.”

He noted that everybody must to be treated well, no matter what their background might be. 

“The real vibes is just having nothing but good vibes toward everybody,” Hanks said. “Everybody, you know what I mean? That means everybody. When I say everybody, I mean everybody. That’s white boy summer. Keep that sh*t player, dude, and don’t get caught up in the bullsh*t, you know what I mean? Just stay sucker ducking and dummy dodging at all times.”

Hanks also outlined some formal rules about appropriate attire during white boy summer, which included not wearing plaid shorts because his followers “can’t be looking like a picnic table out here boys. Leave them sh*ts at home, the Vineyard Vines…just put on a black tee or a white tee, keep it simple.” He also canceled out Sperry Top-Siders and advised that men stop calling women “smoke shows” as a compliment. Lastly, he requested that anyone who owns salmon-colored apparel to “burn it, burn that sh*t, don’t ever wear that again.”

He made sure to pay homage to Black women too

In a separate video, Hanks also made sure to shout out Black women, who might have been feeling left out by his remarks. 

“Wow, white boy summer going up, it’s fantastic, I love to see it,” Hanks said. “Thanks for making that a thing. They’ve been asking me, ‘Chet, if it’s gonna be a white boy summer does that make it a Black queen summer for you?’ And I said, ‘Uhhh do you know me?’ Cause if you did, you know that’s all year round. Respectfully.” 

Hanks’ recent videos have all been posted in an effort to raise awareness of his personal project, the Actor’s Advantage, which is intended to educate aspiring actors on how to successfully navigate the movie business and earn a living.