Tom Hiddleston Reveals More About His Loki Series and We Are Beyond Excited

MCU fans are excited that a couple of the original Avengers will be branching off into their own solo projects. If upcoming Black Widow is merely a flashback movie, a spinoff streaming show about Loki will apparently be a “present day” follow-up. Of course, what the present is in the time-travel heavy world of recent Endgame requires some explanation.

Last we saw of Loki, he managed to escape, creating a new timeline for himself, something only duplicated by Steve Rogers who stayed in the past.

While everyone will have to wait for a Rogers/Captain America follow-up, Disney+’s Loki series is promising a lot of creative paths. Tom Hiddleston says he’s overjoyed about what the show is going to do.

What did Hiddleston say about the upcoming Loki series?

Tom Hiddleston
Tom Hiddleston | Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

According to Hiddleston himself, he’s more than ready to start his Loki series since he knows the creativity on the show is virtually unlimited. This is the beauty of working within an alternate timeline where you can create a world of possibilities not boxed in by MCU canon.

Anything that occurred in Endgame (or prior) can be upended easily, including Loki’s own personality.

One thing confirmed is Loki will go back to being a villain again, which isn’t surprising in a time when antiheroes are omnipresent on TV and streaming. Being Thor’s brother, however, maybe brings enough of a guilt trip to a point where we’ll see conflicted behavior.

Most importantly, it could also branch out to allowing different versions of Loki, not including alternate versions of the Avengers he meets within the alternate universe.

For Hiddleston, you can see why such a show is such an enticing opportunity after being a classically trained stage actor before finding himself in the MCU.

Hiddleston obviously benefited by joining the MCU

Less than nine years ago, Hiddleston was primarily known as a stage actor in Britain (and Broadway) who also started working in British TV dramas. He also found himself doing well in independent films here in America after being lucky enough to join Marvel during their first movie phase.

You can look to Hiddleston as another example in how classically trained actors like him crave more creative projects. On the other end of things, working for the MCU took him away from doing more daring indie fare as he was doing for a while.

Having a Loki series on streaming opens up both worlds now where he can enjoy the extreme profitability of Marvel while having a meaty role with creative writing.

No wonder he’s so ecstatic about this new show when opportunities like it are too rare for even the greatest actors.

How creative will the Loki show be?

Because Loki will be exclusively on Disney+ the show doesn’t have to answer to anyone other than Disney. They could do a lot of inventive things no one’s seen before in episodic streaming programming.

Hiddleston himself said it’s “new territory, and a new world.” Words like this no doubt made every MCU fan salivate at what the show might do. By the time it debuts in early 2021, Disney+ will also likely be the premiere streaming service in the world thanks to a minimum monthly fee and a vast library of favorite shows/movies.

Whether this means the show will provide more daring adult content remains to be seen. Disney may nix any NC-17 content and just stick with being creative.

Most fans will be fine with merely the latter since this is what everyone expects from Marvel after the new line drawn in Endgame. Stretching everyone’s brain in thinking about new narrative concepts would help set a precedent for the MCU phases to follow.