Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr.’s Non-Marvel Film Following ‘Avengers: Endgame’

The Avengers, adding a heartwarming father-son dynamic to its repertoire, gives Field of Dreams a run for its money when – *spoiler alert* – Peter Parker fades from Tony Stark’s arms at the end of Infinity War. Tom Holland, vulnerably expressing his fear and conveying his inner adolescence, conjures tears from Stark and sends the audience into utter dismay.

Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland
Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland | Photo by Todd Williamson/Getty Images

Given their on-screen chemistry, and parallel off-screen dynamic (witnessed during numerous interviews), fans are eager to know if the two will take on another movie together, outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The answer is yes, and the movie is already in post-production and set to premiere in 2020.

What 2020 movie will Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. star in together?

Robert Downey Jr. (RDJ) and Tom Holland are set to star in The Voyage of Dr. Dolitte. RDJ will take on the iconic title role Dr. John Dolittle, while Tom Holland will play the voice of his dog Jip.

Since most of the other animals are of the zoo-type, Tom Holland’s role as the dog seems particularly fitting, as he will likely retain a “man’s best friend” narrative arc. Therefore, viewers who love watching RDJ and Holland take on an intimate familial bond will likely be satisfied with their relationship in Dr. Dolittle. However, keep in mind, this is all still just speculation.

The Voyage of Dr. Dolittle – a fantasy-comedy – is currently scheduled to hit theaters in January of 2020, according to IMDb, so if the film is on schedule, you only have to wait a couple of months to see Holland and RDJ recreate their movie magic in a different cinematic world.

What we know about ‘The Voyage of Dr. Dolittle’ so far: the awesome cast

The Voyage of Dr. Dolittle will feature a star-studded ensemble taking on voice roles as the various animals Dr. John Dolittle communicates with throughout the film.

From Ralph Fiennes – widely known for starring as Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter film franchise – to Oscar winners Emma Thompson and Octavia Spencer, Dr. Dolittle boasts a cast destined for success.

Selena Gomez, John Cena, Antonio Banderas, Carmen Ejogo (Selma, It Comes at Night), and Michael Sheen (Masters of Sex, Frost/Nixon)  round out the remaining pivotal cast members.

‘The Voyage of Dr. Dolittle’ story and movie history

Aside from the fact that Dr. Dolittle can talk to animals, not much is known about the film reboot.

The movie starring Eddie Murphy followed Dr. Dolittle from reacquiring his lost childhood ability (conversing with animals) to winding up in a mental institution after his wife begins noticing his strange behavior.

The 1998 comedy released to poor critical reviews and everyday audiences were not that impressed either. However, a sequel still managed to slip through the cracks.

Given this movie’s history, RDJ, the writers, and the supporting ensemble will have to step up to the plate and deliver a more fleshed out narrative and compelling characterizations to please critics and audiences. However, it’s unlikely that so many accomplished stars would have signed on if they didn’t’ see great potential in this movie.

Get your hopes up. What do you have to lose? At the worst, you still get to see RDJ and Tom Holland together again.