Tom Holland’s Mom Made Him Have a Plan B When He Was In an Acting Rut: His Surprising Training Revealed

Tom Holland is enjoying a successful career, but there was a span where he was in a rut, so much so that his mother suggested he learn a Plan B skill in case the whole acting thing didn’t pan out. He followed his mother’s advice and enrolled in — of all things — carpentry training.

Tom Holland carpenter
Tom Holland | CHRIS DELMAS/AFP/Getty Images

Holland wasn’t getting acting work

Like many actors, Holland found himself steadily pounding the pavement, auditioning for roles but not booking anything. His mother thought it might be a sensible idea to have some kind of skill to fall back on and he ended up landing the Spider-Man role while he was busy studying carpentry.

In an interview with GQ Style, Holland explained: “I was auditioning, auditioning, auditioning, and I just hit a bit of a rut. And I think, personally, and this is me being very honest, I had just done a Ron Howard film [In The Heart Of The Sea], and I thought I was dog’s bollocks.”

He added: “I was like, ‘I’ve just done a Ron Howard film. I don’t need to audition for stuff anymore.’ And it was quite the contrary. And I basically got into this rut where I wasn’t, like, taking auditions seriously, and I just thought, ‘I’ll get this job, I’ll get this job.’ And I didn’t. It was a bit of a punch in the teeth.”

His mom encouraged him to learn how to be a carpenter

In stepped his mom with an idea — take a course in carpentry, just in case his acting career hit a rough patch. He explained: “And my mum said, ‘Look, you’re not getting any work, so you need to go and have a plan B. I’ve booked you at this carpentry school in Cardiff. Six-week course. You’re gonna go, you’re gonna learn to be a carpenter.'”

The experience was a worthwhile one that Holland enjoyed and it apparently proved helpful for him to land the iconic role, as well as others.

He shared: “I loved it” and during the time in the carpentry course, he auditioned for four movies, including The Lost City of Z and Edge of Winter. He noted, “And then my final audition was for Spider-Man. My first Spider-Man audition was while I was in Cardiff.” He was cast in all four movies.

Holland noted, “In that period of time while I was figuring out plan B, it all kind of clicked.”

Holland calls The Rock ‘an inspirational dude’

Holland said there’s one Hollywood heavy-hitter who inspires him as an actor: The Rock.

The Spider-Man star explained: “The Rock is someone I’ve always looked up to. His whole thing is: Be the hardest-working person in the room. It’s something that I’ve really taken to heart. And when I heard him say that for the first time, I was like, That is a really good saying.”

Holland connected with The Rock on social media noting, “He’s such an inspirational dude. I was like, I’m going to the f**king gym.”