Tom Holland & Olivia Bolton: Headed for Paradise or Peril?

The news is out – and to all those who have been shipping Zendaya and Tom Holland since Homecoming – we’re sorry to inform you that the web-slinger’s heart belongs to someone else. Recent reports indicate that Tom Holland has been dating Olivia Bolton for several months. 

Bolton and Holland were spotted on a date in Hyde Park and, in customary fashion, the photos quickly found their way to the internet, sending Holland lovers into a frenzy. What? How could this be? Do you mean to tell me he’s not secretly in love with Zendaya?

Tom Holland
Tom Holland | Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images

All various iterations of the aforementioned thoughts hit Twitter, as fans came to accept that Holland and Zendaya haven’t been lying about the truth of their dynamic – they are just friends. Unfortunately, it took Holland cozying up to someone else for fans to admit defeat. 

According to Elle Magazine, Tom and Olivia have known each since childhood, as their families are quite close. Olivia Bolton works for a digital production company in London. Unlike Holland, she is not a Hollywood A-lister. As a result, Bolton has made her Instagram private, bringing us to the core of this article – will Tom Holland’s fame, and Bolton’s disparagement of social media attention, send this relationship down the drain? 

Olivia Bolton is not about the fame game and the “negative comments” that come with dating Tom Holland

Speaking on behalf of Olivia Bolton, Elle Magazine reported:

“She isn’t interested in the kind of social media attention—and negative comments—being the non-famous girlfriend of a major celebrity can attract, especially when that major celebrity was someone everyone desperately wanted to believe was low-key dating his Spider-Man love interest Zendaya.”

Olivia Bolton also, according to Global Intel, deactivated one of her Instagram accounts. If Olivia Bolton is trying to avoid the spotlight, and the negative attention that often comes with being the girlfriend of a celebrity, she may be dating the wrong guy. 

What happens when a Hollywood star doesn’t date another Hollywood star?

While the two seem happy in their relationship – as far as the few photos can indicate – unequal levels of stardom can often spell distress. While Matt Damon and his wife Luciana Barrasso successfully manage this, they are an exception to the rule. Just look at Hollywood: like tends to date like. 

Tom Holland fans want him to be with Zendaya; thus, Olivia Bolton never had a proper chance to satisfy the public; however, it is not her job, nor is it Holland’s, to satisfy the public with their romantic relationship. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to ignore devout fans who will take every opportunity to spread the gossip they wish to be true. When you choose to date a celebrity, you have to be able to withstand your name’s appearance in a tabloid. Is Bolton ready for this?

Hopefully, Tom Holland and Olivia Bolton’s romance prevails – superseding the negative comments and social media attention such a relationship will undoubtedly elicit. However, hiding from social media may not be Bolton’s best move, for devout fans can smell fear.