Tom Holland on Turning to Dust: “It Was a Really Funny Sequence”

While it has been quite some time since Tom Holland’s Peter Parker faded into oblivion with Thanos’ snap at the end Avengers: Infinity War, fans are still coping with the emotional intensity of that moment.

Peter Parker grasped for his life – filled with fear and confusion – as Tony Stark held him in his arms for a few brief moments. After Avengers: Infinity War, this scene – and the sheer tour de force performance delivered by Robert Downey Jr. – was the talk of the town on every social media platform and across all digital media publications.

Tom Holland
Tom Holland | Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland boast such incomparable on-screen chemistry that fans continue theorizing ways Stark could return for Far From Home. While it’s unlikely that fans will be granted with the fulfillment of what can be best described as a pipedream, it doesn’t stop us from hoping.

While Tony Stark and Tom Holland were reunited in Endgame, the moment was quite short-lived. During an interview with Infia, Tom Holland discussed playing Peter Parker, and why the scene in which he turned to dust was actually a “funny sequence” (despite catalyzing widespread tears among audiences in theaters across the globe).

Why Tom Holland said turning to dust was “a funny sequence” to film

Tom Holland explained during an interview for the Spider-Man: Far From Home press tour that, while cinematic splendor – CGI and other advanced technological assets – made the scene in which he disappeared quite captivating and heartwrenching, it was a little bit more awkward on set.

When asked what it felt like to turn to dust before coming back to life, Tom Holland explained:

“It was a really funny sequence when we did the turning into dust scene because, obviously, I didn’t’ turn into dust. And, I was lying there in Robert’s arms, and I look at him and I go, ‘Tony, I’m sorry,’ and then I look off, and then I turn to dust. But obviously, I didn’t go anywhere. I just was lying there, and he was there and he was crying, and he was doing all the stuff, like checking his hands, like where did I go?”


Holland goes onto imitate the statuesque pose he had to maintain while lying in Robert Downey Jr.’s arms. While RDJ must pretend that the young boy he cares so deeply about just disappeared from existence, Tom Holland had to lie perfectly still and keep a straight face despite still existing within RDJ’s grasp. Who knows how many times this scene was re-shot?

Will Tom Holland play Peter Parker after ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ and will he ever be reunited with Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark?

As of now, Robert Downey Jr. has a pretty packed schedule with The Voyage of Dr. Dolittle, Sherlock Holmes 3, and All-Star Weekend on the horizon, so as far as Marvel appearances go, anything beyond a cameo seems unlikely. Not to mention, those over at Marvel Studios will not bring back the incomparable RDJ before fans have had a proper chance to miss him.

Tom Holland signed a six-film contract with Marvel Studios when he agreed to play Peter Parker, so he likely has one more film as Spidey; however, whether he makes a standalone appearance or features in a mash-up is anybody’s guess. It would be great to see Spidey work alongside the Young Avengers, as the leader, come 2022 (that is if this film is more than just a favorite rumor).