Tom Holland Was A Real-Life Superhero to a Fan Having a Panic Attack

Tom Holland doesn’t just pay a superhero in the movies — he’s a real-life superhero too, recently coming to the rescue of a fan in distress. At a recent Spider-Man: Far From Home event, Holland noticed one fan who was getting crushed by the crowd and stepped in to give her some help. The gesture wasn’t lost on her.

Tom Holland rescued fan
Tom Holland | Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Things got rough, but Holland stepped in

Twitter user @NamelessCass shared the experience on social media, as well as videos and photos to shed some light on just how nice a guy Holland is. Cass was being pushed by some Spider-Man fans and can be heard in one video asking the crowd to stop.

Holland was quick to help her out, telling the crowd: “I’m going to throw your sh*t on the floor if you keep pushing that girl,” with Cass pleading, “Guys!” She’s also heard saying, “I’m having a panic attack” and Holland’s spider senses were tingling as he stepped up his game, telling the worried fan, “It’s okay. I got you, I got you.”

He asked the fans, “Can you back up?” and you better believe they listened, though someone yelled out, “We’re trying.”

The scene was ‘insane’

She explained in a tweet containing the video: “’It’s okay I got you I got you’ @TomHolland1996 This was absolutely INSANE and should NEVER happen… my neck was literally against the barricade with 30 grown men behind me pushing…. ridiculous how people act like you’re not only endangering fans safety but Toms as well.”

For a bit of perspective, Cass also shared a video of another angle of the crowd crushing her, writing: “My friend that was standing in the back took this video while it was going on……welcome to the clown show! All of us there (fan wise) were literally like 5’2 with 30+ 6ft tall grown men pushing and basically climbing behind us.”

Cass shared that Holland wasn’t messing around, even saying he’d throw the fans’ posters on the ground since they weren’t being safe and were pushing her. Cass noted: “TOM HOLLAND JUST THREATENED GROWN-ASS MEN THEN THREW THEIR POSTERS BECAUSE I WAS CRUSHED AGAINST THE BARRICADE. HE SAID ‘IM GONNA THROW YOUR SH*T ON THE GROUND IF YOU KEEP PUSHING HER,’ then came to me and calmed me down and the video HES LITERALLY SO MAD AT GRAPHERS VKSBDKSN WHAT?”

And if no one believed that a Hollywood star did that, she provided the receipts — a photo of posters scattered and the explanation: “HE REALLY THREW ALL THE SH*T TOO FLABDKSB.”

It’s not the first time Holland has stepped in to help

It’s not the first time Holland has come to the rescue, though it is his most successful experience. During an interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers, he explained how a woman fainted next to him on a flight to Hawaii and he did his best to help but, according to Holland, he’s an actor, not a doctor.

“I was calling for a doctor,” he shared, explaining, “I was trying to clear her hair out of her face, check her airways and stuff… I was useless. I was trying to find her pulse — I don’t know how to do that!”