Tom Holland Was Like a Child Caught in the Middle of a Divorce With Marvel and Sony

When a divorce occurs in a family, the children are the ones who end up hurting more than the parents. We’ve seen dozens of example of this in families famous and not, with the child often caught in the middle because they don’t always have the say on custody.

This was sort of the metaphorical way to look at Tom Holland after the tragic Disney-Sony split and then the mending back together. Even people like yours truly cracked jokes on Twitter about Holland being the child in the middle who had to mediate with his corporate parents.

Tom Holland is Spider-Man
Tom Holland is Spider-Man | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Well, I wasn’t the only one saying that. Disney CEO Bob Iger said the same thing on Jimmy Kimmel Live recently. Holland ultimately became the best business mediator we’ve ever seen, making us wonder if he’s set a standard for real divorces and Hollywood business chasms.

Iger confirmed that Holland reached out to him first

During that above Kimmel interview, Iger explained Holland came to him about wanting to make amends between Disney and Sony. We should have seen it coming after Holland’s adamant statement following immediate word of the split. At the time, he vowed to work with Sony and do something innovative with the Spider-Man role.

Talk like that is easier said than done, and Sony likely knew it. At least Holland had the foresight to contact Iger first to broach a conversation.

According to Iger, Holland was emotional on the phone, even going so far as joking that the latter was crying. While Iger said he was kidding with this comment, we’ve all seen how passionate Holland has been about playing Peter Parker. It’s basically become his whole life, which only made him the perfect mediator.

Holland gave such a passionate plea to Iger, it persuaded the Disney CEO to phone the CEO of Sony, Tony Vinciquerra. Iger apparently told Vinciquerra they had to work something out for the fans rather than make it all about money.

How does Holland feel about being called a child in a divorce?

We all know Tom Holland is 23 years old and a full-fledged adult. Nevertheless, he’s still clearly playing a high school age Peter Parker in the MCU, something we need to see amended in the new Marvel films to prevent being the butt of jokes.

At the heart of this, many consider him still like a teenager who was caught in the middle of a big corporate decoupling. We still wonder how he feels about being compared to a kid caught in the middle of parental divorce and somehow stepping up to mediate a reunion.

He certainly isn’t boasting about his actions, despite the media reporting it widely and Iger giving him open credit. His passion for doing something for fans rather than just lining pockets is more than a little inspiring and may persuade others in corporate divorces to adamantly pursue the right creative path.

Maybe there won’t be similar corporate shakeups like that again. Still, we’ve seen a few over the years. Rather than fear internal corporate bickering, a valued star may feel more inclined to make phone calls to their corporate bosses to make sure the right creative choices are always taken.

Real kids might have taken Holland’s actions to heart

What about real teens who sometimes find themselves in messy divorce cases in their own families? Hollywood families are, unfortunately, still like this far too frequently.

Most divorce rules say judges have to listen to the side of the children in determining custody. Regardless, it doesn’t always work out this way, only because the children are too afraid to speak up from being caught in the middle.

Let’s hope real kids caught in irreconcilable divorces will have more bravery to step forward and mediate when they want their parents to work out something amicably. Perhaps Spider-Man will now be a humanistic hero in other ways compared to just fighting classic comic book villains in New York City.