Tom Holland Will Play Two Different Incarnations of Spider-Man: MCU vs. Sony

At last, Disney and Sony have managed to ink a new deal, allowing Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to remain where he rightfully belongs. However, he will operate in two different dimensions, two different universes so to speak, as he ventures into Sony’s spider-verse, while further cementing his importance in the MCU. 

Tom Holland Spider-Man
Tom Holland Spider-Man | Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

Recent reports indicate that Tom Holland — with one foot in each wheelhouse — will take on two different versions of Spider-Man. According to famous Marvel leaker, and a frequently credible one at that —Mikey Sutton — Tom Holland will be depicting two different versions of the web-slinging night monkey.

Because Sony has already released a Venom movie, this news isn’t exactly a surprise. However, how will the universes differ, and how will Peter Parker transition between the two, without resorting to an incongruous conundrum? Announcing to his invite-only facebook group, Geekosity: All Things Pop Culture, Sutton revealed the following:

The Spider-Man appearing in the MCU won’t be the same Spider-Man in the Sony Spider-Verse. Although both played by Tom Holland, there is an alternate-timeline Spider-Man perhaps caused by the Avengers, a part of the MCU multiverse. So Holland is indeed the hero who can cross cinematic universes, as stated by Kevin Feige. This will be explained by Doctor Strange. It is 3 a.m. 

Mikey Sutton post

Based on Mikey Sutton’s post, fans are left to wonder: since the timelines will presumably be different, how will Peter Parker change as a result?

What does it mean to have two different versions of Spider-Man; Peter Parker at different points in time? 

Given that Tom Holland will exist in two universes, seeing Doctor Strange explain this anomaly — without it going over fans’ heads — should prove interesting. However, the larger question at play: how will it impact Tom Holland’s portrayal?

If two different timelines exist— and different villains face off against Spider-Man in each — will Peter Parker’s character development across both universes diverge?

Will he be more mature in one than the other? Will Peter Parker face off against more mischievous villains in one — growing more cynical with each passing installment — as he faces off against typical baddies in the other, maintaining his sense of trust? 

While it seems all fine and dandy to have two different Spider-Man characters portrayed by the same actor, you can’t help but notice a fault: Spider-Man would grow to be a different person depending on the circumstances he confronts.

Will fans be able to accept the same actor, playing the same character…but not quite? Will fans want to see two different Parkers, or will it just get a little bit confusing…”Oh right, he’s still brooding in this timeline; he’s happy again in the other one.” You get the idea. 

If Sutton is right, watching Disney and Sony pull this off should prove quite interesting. Here’s to high hopes and even higher expectations for two universes who do all they can to satisfy their fanbases.