Tom Holland’s First Celebrity Crush Is Only a Bit Cliché

As the face of the latest Spider-Man franchise, and the man responsible for closing out Phase 3 of the MCU, Tom Holland has become a hot commodity in the entertainment industry (and among loving fans and admirers). Holland, consistently tied to Zendaya, for their friendship is examined like a spectacle with a magnifying glass, is currently single.

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Though one of the few eligible bachelors left from the MCU – joining the ranks of Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner – many fail to accept that the former Billy Elliot star isn’t romantically involved with Zendaya, or some other A-list actress similar in age.

During an interview with Pop Buzz, Tom Holland explained that, though he is not dating Zendaya, he has been one to hold a celebrity crush. When asked who his first celebrity crush was, the 23-year-old actor responded with one of the most common first celebrity crushes among young boys spanning the globe.

Tom Holland’s first celebrity crush was Jennifer Aniston

Tom Holland, when Pop Buzz asked, “who was your first-ever celebrity crush,” jokingly stated, “Zendaya.”Afterward, he clarified, “No. It wasn’t Zendaya. My first ever celebrity crush growing up was probably Jennifer Aniston.”

Going on to explain that he loves the Friends series, it’s no surprise that Holland named Jennifer Aniston. Joining many other Friends enthusiasts, it looks like Jennifer Aniston can put another name on the list of celebrities that have admitted to crushing on her.

When it comes to Jennifer Aniston, what’s not to like? Ellen loves her, which means she must be the funniest and most humble person in Hollywood (or in existence). Furthermore, shes portrays relateable and comic characters in most movies she signs on to. However, her performance in Cake proved that she was capable of much more beyond that of Rachel Green. So, Tom Holland is right to own this crush with pride. It’s Jennifer Aniston we’re talking about here!

Why the ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home Star’ Tom Holland is always tied to Zendaya

Rumor has it Tom Holland is secretly dating Zendaya. Did you know? If you’re one of the less than ten people unaware of the romance rumors constantly circling these two A-listers, you’re living under a rock.

Fans and tabloids often exploit this friendship; however, despite being questioned over and over again, they remain steadfast in their answer: “we are just friends.” Tom Holland and Zendaya spend time together; they’ve posted pictures in pools collectively, and have spent nights out on the town in each other’s company, which has led many to believe that they are two budding lovebirds.

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Holland and Zendaya also boast palpable on-screen chemistry in Spider-Man: Far From Home, which can often be interpreted as a slow-boiling off-screen romance. Need we resurface the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt debacle? However, as talented actors who get enjoy each other’s company, it should come as no surprise that they work well across from one another.

People tend to ship Hollywood friends when their close in age and spend “too much time together” (whatever that entails), which is an age-old behavior that, honestly, needs to come to an end.