Tom Holland’s Role as Peter Parker May Change Drastically in ‘Spider-Man 3’: Here’s How

Though taking on the lead in the West End’s production of Billy Elliot and starring alongside Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor in The Impossible way before donning the Spidey suit, Tom Holland is most known for his career-catalyzing turn as the MCU’s most recent pride and joy, Spider-Man.

Spider-Man: Homecoming, Avengers: Infinity War, and Endgame all presented a brave, sometimes fool-hearted and innocent Parker — Tony Stark’s protege, untainted by darkness and innocent to a fault. However, in Spider-Man: Far From Home, Parker placed his trust in Mysterio, only to discover not all of your heroes and idols are worthy of your respect and admiration. 

Tom Holland Spider-Man
Tom Holland attends the premiere of Columbia Pictures’ ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ at TCL Chinese Theatre | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Peter Parker is on a narrative journey from the youthful and bright hero to the clever and insightful savior — one who will no longer be easily deceived. However, he shall always retain a spark of unwavering hope; this is the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man we’re talking about. 

While Peter has spent years playing the mentee, the apprentice, the student, Spider-Man 3 may give us a whole new Parker; he may take on the mentorship responsibility this time around. 

If Ms. Marvel is introduced in the next ‘Spider-Man’ movie, Peter Parker will become a new man

According to We Got This Covered, those over at Marvel Studios are looking to add some saviors to the roster in Spider-Man 3; meaning, Parker may have some company on his next butt-kicking mission. And, that company may come in the form of Ms. Marvel. 

A Ms. Marvel TV series is on the horizon, and likely to hit the Disney+ streaming platform sometime in 2022; meaning, the character could be introduced to the larger cinematic landscape in 2021’s Spider-Man 3, which would set up the storyline for the character’s “spinoff.”

Sources close to We Got This Covered informed the outlet that Marvel Studios will choose to add Captain Marvel, Doctor Doom, or Ms. Marvel to the Spider-Man installment. The same sources who told the outlet that the Inhumans would be rebooted in Ms. Marvel dropped the scoop.  

While all insider leaks must be taken with a grain of salt, introducing Ms. Marvel would change Peter’s character arc drastically. If Captain Marvel or Strange join, Parker remains the youthful savior, looking up to his elders for advice; however, if Ms. Marvel joins, Peter becomes the teacher. 

Peter Parker to become Ms. Marvel’s mentor in ‘Spider-Man 3:’ she is his successor, of sorts, in the comics

Kamala, going by the name Ms. Marvel, looks up to Carol Danvers’ Captain Marvel beyond all other superheroes; she is young, and she would be new to savior school if she joined in Holland’s third film.

Fans would see a whole new side to Peter Parker, as he becomes the mentor, stepping into Tony Stark’s shoes, and pulling at all our heartstrings while doing it. As We Got This Covered notes, this storyline also exists in the comics, as Ms. Marvel is frequently illustrated as Peter’s successor in certain stories. The comic books often depict Ms. Marvel as another relatable teen super to follow Spidey. 

Is Peter Parker ready to become a mentor; can he take the advice from Tony and groom Kamala to be a New Avenger? If so, Peter will have some major growing up to do … and fast.