Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to Become Morgan Stark’s Mentor and Big Brother?

Tony Stark — up until his final moments — was a mentor and a father figure to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Peter Parker was Stark’s protege: the geeky kid with a heart of gold, and an inspiring and innocent view of the world. 

Stark taught Parker how to be a superhero, yet the two boasted more than a professor-pupil dynamic; from their playful banter to the sheer degree of love and admiration between the duo, they were the MCU’s prototypical father and son. Stark took Parker under his wing; he let Parker get through that stoic front. The question is: will Peter Parker step up and become a mentor, a big brother-like figure to Morgan Stark? 

Tom Holland 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'
Tom Holland arrives at the premiere of Columbia Pictures’ ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ at TCL Chinese Theatre on June 28, 2017 in Hollywood, California | Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

In a recently revealed deleted scene from Avengers: Endgame, now available on Disney+, fans watch Tony Stark talk to his grown-up daughter in the soul world. He looks to her to qualm his concerns and ease his anxieties. Brave, understanding, and wise beyond her years, a mature Morgan Stark explains that she is grateful for the time she had with her father and understanding of his actions — she is “sad,” but she is “proud.”

With this scene now at the public’s disposal, many are wondering if Katherine Langford (13 Reasons Why, Knives Out) will reprise her role as Morgan Stark moving forward. And, considering the MCU has never signed a major actor for a single movie, it seems quite plausible that she will stick around. And, if she does, how poetic would it be to see Parker climb into that brotherly role — filling Stark’s shoes in the most heartwarming and vital way possible? 

What we expect of Peter Parker and Morgan Stark’s relationship in the MCU following ‘Avengers: Endgame’

Peter Parker, as we know, doesn’t have a father in the MCU, and Uncle Ben has yet to make an appearance. If Morgan Stark rears her head in future Marvel installments, she will have not seen her father (sans soul world) since she was a child.

Seeing Tom Holland’s Peter Parker take on a brotherly role, becoming a mentor to Morgan Stark, will be heartwrenching and all-too apropos at the same time. Parker will be able to share stories With Morgan, and explain to her the kind of man her father was from an adult-esque perspective, as Parker knew Stark as a teenager, not a child. 

Talk about coming full circle; if those over at Marvel Studios are smart, they will stress this dynamic moving forward. And, the movies have already begun leaning in this direction.

When Happy caught Peter Parker tinkering with technology in Far From Home, the audience erupted in tears, as the moment was so poignantly sincere and reflective of Tony’s influence. If Parker is truly Stark’s protege, the one to pay tribute to his legacy, he will take Morgan Stark under his wing, just as Tony Stark accepted him years earlier. 

The MCU has never been afraid to go for the heart, and Morgan Stark deserves this. Morgan Stark deserves to know about the father who left her too soon from the man who now embodies his spirit. This relationship is not an option if Morgan Stark, it is a necessity, and it is utterly warranted. 

Parker will teach Morgan how to be a hero, while also focusing on her personal needs. He will teach her everything her father taught him, passing Stark’s knowledge and influence down to the daughter he loved 3000. Mushy, but effective.