‘Too Hot to Handle’: Who Is Desiree Burch? Meet the Show’s Cheeky Narrator

Netflix did it again. The latest of their hit shows, Too Hot to Handle, is a twist on reality dating shows. Contestants aren’t allowed to hook-up or money is subtracted from the winnings. Each episode is narrated to add a touch of wit and humor to all the awkward situations. Who narrates the series?

What is ‘Too Hot to Handle’?

Desiree Burch
Desiree Burch on stage for Stand Up For Shelter at O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire | Ollie Millington/Redferns

Too Hot to Handle offers Netflix viewers eight episodes of pure gold. The reality “dating” competition (which isn’t much about dating), takes the standard TV format with a twist — no sex, kissing, or other sexually-related interactions.

Participants didn’t sign onto the show knowing they’d be banned from sexual activities. Instead, they were lured into thinking they’d be able to explore any and all hedonistic fantasies. Then, once the party started, Lana, a robot much like an Alexa, interrupted to explain the rules.

Anyone who breaks the rules will cost the group part of the $100,000 winnings. Right off the bat, two contestants — Francesca and Harry — made the conscious decision to kiss, which deducted $3,000 from the pot. Needless to say, the rest of the participants weren’t thrilled.

The most interesting part of the entire series is the narration, provided by Desiree Burch.

Who is Desiree Burch?

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If you haven’t caught on to Desiree Burch’s work, you can listen to her voice narrating all eight episodes of Too Hot to Handle. The Los Angels-based stand-up comedian lives in London and recent projects include Comedy Central UK’s Fat Chat.

Though Burch’s passion lies in comedy, having appeared on Live From BBC, Live at the Apollo, and has led her own special for Comedy Central with Desiree Burch Live, the Too Hot to Handle narrator was previously a dominatrix.

Burch’s website details her extensive experience with the arts, particularly with experimental theater. However, it’s her narration for Netflix that’ll likely garner the comedian a larger fanbase.

“I’m like, ‘Seriously you guys, there is a bunch of cash. Just don’t touch!’ I mean, read a book, take a swim. What the hell?” Burch told Vulture about the Netflix show.

“I tried to put myself in their shoes and some of it I totally get, because I’ve been 20. And then some of it I’m just like, ‘Guys, seriously, get it together.'”

What’s next for Burch and the series?

A second season of Too Hot to Handle hasn’t been announced yet. However, considering the success, fans are hoping for another round with new, naive contestants forbidden from enjoying one other for a cash prize.

Producer, Louise Peet previously told People another season is a possibility saying, “We have to wait and see [about a reunion]… I have some ideas [for a second], but I am keeping them top secret for now!”

In another interview with Oprah Magazine, Peet explained why Burch was the top pick to narrate the show.

“The voice of the narrator really is the person on the sofa,” she said. “It’s the kind of thing that you’d be screaming at the TV . . . We wanted to make sure [we had] some tongue-in-cheek wink going on all the way throughout.”

Whether Too Hot to Handle returns or not, Burch stays busy with stand-up shows, workshops, theater work, and her hit show, Fat Chat.