Everything We Learned From the ‘Toy Story 4’ Full-Length Trailer

In the world of animated films, Toy Story has an untouched legacy. Spanning almost two and a half decades, the Disney/Pixar franchise is beloved to multiple generations. The fourth film will arrive in June 2019. Here’s what we learned about Toy Story 4 from the full-length trailer.

Very little time has passed since Toy Story 3

In Toy Story 3, Woody, Buzz, and the gang find themselves at a preschool after accidentally being donated by Andy’s mom. During their adventures, a toddler named Bonnie falls in love with them. In the end, Andy (now in college) gives up his toys so Bonnie can have them.

As seen in the trailer, Bonnie is still very young, sleeping in a car seat in her family’s motorhome. She also creates a toy that is very much that of a young child, so clearly, not much time has passed since the events of Toy Story 3.  

Forky doesn’t want to be a toy

The toy in question is Forky, a spork with glued on googly eyes and pipe cleaners for his arms, eyebrow, and mouth. Despite being unconventional, Woody tells the others that Forky is Emily’s favorite toy at the moment, so they need to keep him safe.

However, Woody’s plans are foiled when the spork decides to leave in the middle of the night, saying “I am not a toy. I was made for soup, salad, maybe chili — and then the trash!” So it’s up to the cowboy to save the day once again.

Bo Peep is back

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The first Toy Story depicted Woody’s crush on Bo Peep, a porcelain figure that is part of Andy’s sister Molly’s lamp. This continues through into the second film, but in Toy Story 3, it’s revealed that she was given away at some point. But while Woody is with Forkie, he spots her in a store window.

The character has changed a bit — while Bo tended to play a damsel-in-distress in the past, she now wears pants and fights off evil Pee-wee Herman dolls. However, she may be responsible for Woody’s crisis of conscience in the film…

Woody has second thoughts about returning to Bonnie

As we’ve seen in the past, Woody has trouble not being the favorite toy. Though that’s not the obvious issue here, it’s still called into question when Bo shows him what it’s like to live at a carnival.

As it turns out, it’s sort of like college for toys. Everything is one big party, with all of the carnival toys having their own after-hours get-togethers. This is the part of the movie that is the biggest mystery — and with good reason, as its fodder for many new characters.

We know that Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key are reunited as Bunny and Duck, two stuffed prizes at a carnival game. Additionally, new voices have been announced: Keanu Reeves is Duke Caboom, a “Canadian daredevil toy” with a motorcycle; Christina Hendricks is Gabby Gabby, a creepy pull-string doll; and Ally Maki is Giggle McDimples, a tiny, Polly Pocket-esque police officer toy.

Buzz may get to fly for real

The plot of Toy Story, you may have forgotten, revolves around Woody convincing Buzz that he’s just a toy. He does this by proving that the space ranger can’t fly. But it looks like things may come full circle in what is likely to be the final installment.

In the trailer, Buzz is seen flying through the air. Though this could be him “falling with style,” it would be cute if they decided to give the toy what he’d always wanted at long last.

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