Tragedy Hits Home for Rhylee Gerber From ‘Below Deck’

Rhylee Gerber | Rhylee Gerber Instagram

Rhylee Gerber from Below Deck‘s home state of Alaska was hit with a 7.0 earthquake, which had a direct impact on family and friends. Gerber posted shocking images from home. Thankfully, the reality personality indicated she is not currently in Alaska.

The state experienced more than 190 earthquakes since Friday, November 30, CNN reports. The 7.0 quake knocked residents off the power grid, as roads and land ripped open and splintered. The terror may not be over. “These numbers can change by the minute,” Seismologist Randy Baldwin told CNN. “People can be expected to feel aftershocks for some time.”

Quakes impacted residents in areas approximately 10 miles northeast of Anchorage. Gerber has spent many years working on fishing boats in Alaska, which Bravo states as being her home state.

Gerber said her family was safe

Initially, Gerber updated Twitter followers about family back home when a follower asked how she was doing after the earthquake. “Thank you! My family is safe. Shaken up and some road damage but all good!” she tweeted.  She continued to interact with Twitter followers and added, “My home state was hit pretty hard this morning with a 7.0 earthquake. Still experiencing aftershocks. Pray for the safe keeping and the speedy recovery 4 all involved.”

Witnesses told CNN the quake was simply terrifying. “It was very loud when it came,” Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz told CNN. “It was very clear that this was something bigger than what we normally experience. We live in earthquake country … but this was a big one.”

Another resident said, “It was absolutely terrifying. “It just didn’t stop. It kept going and got louder and louder, and things just fell everywhere — everything off my dressers, off my bookcases, my kitchen cupboard. Just broken glass everywhere.”

And she posted more specifics on Instagram

Gerber took to Instagram to include both images and specifics on where the quake hit. “My home state was hit pretty hard this morning with a 7.0 earthquake just south of Palmer. Palmer is the town I was born in and grew up in the surrounding Anchorage area. My company’s boat is located down in Seward and all surrounding areas were affected. Still experiencing aftershocks but at the moment, checking with my friends and family, everyone so far is OK. Shaken up for sure and plenty of damage. Pray for the safe keeping and the speedy recovery for all involved. Wish I were there to hug everyone!!”

Estimated damage could range between $100 million and $1 billion, The Washington Post reports. Initially, 50,000 lost power, but that number has since been reduced to about 25,000.

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