The Trailer For ‘Spinning Out’ Is Here: Who Stars In the Netflix Drama Series?

The first trailer for the new Netflix drama, Spinning Out, is finally here. The series, which has been highly anticipated, looks to be a dark look at the world of competitive figure skating, and much more. Watch it below.

Spinning Out features quite a few stars of note, as well as some fresh new faces. Read on to learn more about them, their characters, and where you know the actors from.

Kaya Scodelario is Kat Baker

The main character is, undoubtedly, Kat, a professional ice skater who shifts from singles skating to pairs after a tragic fall. She is played by actress Kaya Scodelario, a British actress who you may recognize from big-budget films such as The Maze Runner and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

This role is a dark one, and seemingly more adult than many of her past roles. However, fans of Scodelario know she can tackle a character on the edge with precision, as she’s perhaps best known for portraying Effy Stonem in the U.K. teen drama Skins.

January Jones is Carol Baker

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It becomes abundantly clear upon viewing the trailer that much of the pressure on Kat comes from her overbearing stage mom, Carol. Portrayed by January Jones, there’s no doubt that Carol will be both a driving and detrimental force for the skater as she attempts to live up to expectations.

Jones is best known for portraying Betty Draper in the acclaimed drama Mad Men. You may also recognize from her film roles in movies such as X-Men: First Class and Love Actually. Jones was most recently seen in more comedic fare on the small screen, with her role in The Last Man On Earth on Fox and a recurring gig in Netflix’s The Politician.

Mitchell Edwards is Marcus

From the trailer, we can see that Kat has a close relationship with Marcus, played by Mitchell Edwards. Whether it’s romantic or platonic is difficult to determine from their brief interactions, but it’s fairly obvious that he cares a great deal about her and her wellbeing.

Edwards hasn’t been in the business very long, but he’s already managed to carve out some notable roles for himself. He had a recurring role in the short-lived ABC legal drama The Fix, and currently recurs on The CW sports drama All American.

Evan Roderick is Justin Davis

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The impetus for the story is that Kat joins up with a male figure skating to compete as a pair. The man in question is Justin Davis, who, from the trailer, appears to approach her, and there looks to be a sexual aspect to their relationship. Justin is played by Evan Roderick.

Roderick is also fairly new to Hollywood. His biggest role to date is a recurring one as Officer Nick Anastas in the superhero drama Arrow. However, his background makes him uniquely suited for this role: According to his IMDb page, he played a lot of hockey growing up, even earning a college scholarship to play in the U.S.

Who else is in ‘Spinning Out?

This is definitely a star-studded crew. In addition to those mentioned above, Willow Shields (The Hunger Games) plays Serena, Kat’s sister. Former skater Johhny Weir plays, naturally another skater. Will Kemp (Reign) and Sarah Wright Olsen (Marry Me) play regular roles, as do Amanda Zhou and Kaitlyn Leeb. Tune in on Jan. 1, 2020!