Trailers Out for Final Films of James Gandolfini and Brittany Murphy

The trailers for both James Gandolfini’s and Brittany Murphy’s final films made before their deaths were released this week. Gandolfini’s crime drama The Drop hints on themes of organized crime, corruption, and an older man’s adjustment to modern times that were also covered The Sopranos, the long-running HBO show for which he is best known. Murphy plays a supporting role in the sexy slasher Something Wicked, which takes place in Oregon and focuses around a recently-married couple trying to find domestic bliss but haunted by an accident from their past.

The Drop also stars Tom Hardy as the cousin of Galdolfini’s character and bartender at a joint owned by Gandolfini that is frequently used as a place members of Brooklyn’s organized crime use to hide or ‘drop’ their cash. Noomi Rapace stars as Hardy’s wife. A robbery of the bar’s dirty money forces Gandolfini and Hardy’s characters to more closely examine their agency involving organized crime and get the money back before they and their families are killed. The film is based on a novel by Dennis Lehane who’s also famous for writing murder mysteries and crime books including Shutter Island and Gone Baby Gone.

Gandolfini unexpectedly died of a heart attack last year at the age of 51. Gandolfini is best known for the many years he spent portraying tortured mob boss Tony Soprano. That show, which was recently voted the best-written TV show of all time, revolutionized television drama and was a key influence on shows including Weeds, Breaking Bad, and Mad Men.

Murphy’s film, Something Wicked, promises lots of scantily clad women as Murphy plays a possibly evil sister-in-law to the star, played by Shantel VanSanten. The thriller follows two couples trying to adapt to normal lives as they attempt to recover from a horrible accident. Murphy died under what some believe to be suspicious circumstances after collapsing in the shower in December of 2009. She was 32 years old. The official cause of death was a combination of pneumonia, anemia, and cardiac arrest.

Rumors about prescription drug addiction and anorexia abounded before her death, and some — including her own father — have even alleged that she was poisoned. Something Wicked was put on the back burner after Murphy’s death. During shooting, her character allegedly had to be re-written as the actress proved incapable of retaining concentration enough to film her scenes. A source who spoke to The Wrap at the time said that most of the film’s crew believed Murphy to be addicted to prescription drugs to the point that she was “barely there.” Given that Murphy is the biggest star in the movie and is billed fourth, it’s likely that her part was greatly reduced for the final product.

The Drop is set to come out September 19, while Something Wicked will debut in select theaters on April 4.

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