Travis Michalzik and Jack Stirrup from ‘Below Deck Med’ Hilariously React to the ‘Steak Licking’ Incident

While food contamination is no laughing matter, Below Deck Mediterranean deckhands Travis Michalzik and Jack Stirrup’s reaction to the infamous “steak licking” incident is nothing short of hilariously entertaining.

Bravo producers knew what they were doing when they captured an exclusive reaction from the twosome. Only two episodes in, Michalzik and Stirrup are proving to be two funny guys. Both have a unique brand of humor and an uncanny way of keeping the landscape light.

Travis Michalzik, Joao Franco |Photo by Greg Endries/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

So when they viewed a recap of Chef Mila Kolomeitseva licking a raw steak, they both had some pretty funny observations. Bravo provided the sneak peek of the Below Deck Mediterranean After Show, which premieres on and YouTube on July 29.

First, there was disbelief

Like everyone who viewed the footage, Stirrup and Michalzik wonder if they really saw Kolomeitseva actually licking the steak. A Bravo producer hands the men a phone so they can view the video.

As they watch the video, their facial expressions go from mildly amused to surprised. When the video ends, Stirrup asks, “What she licks it?” He giggles and then declaratively adds, “Oh did she?”

But Stirrup wondered if she had actually smelled the steak. Meanwhile, Michalzik is playfully whistling. He jokes about how she was licking the steak too. But then Michalzik adds, “It’s raw, eh.” That’s right, not only did she lick the steak, it wasn’t cooked.

Then they are pretty grossed out

Stirrup remembers that Kolomeitseva was recently vomiting before she prepared the meal. During the first episode, Kolomeitseva, who was audibly coughing, vomited a number of times. She insisted she had food poisoning and ultimately went to her quarters to rest.

She managed to rally when the guests arrived. But the guys now wonder why she was licking the steak in the first place. “What is she licking a raw steak for?” Stirrup ponders. Then adds that Kolomeitseva had been sick too.

Michalzik questions, “This is when she was sick? Why is she licking it?” Good question. He wonders maybe he still isn’t seeing her tongue touch the steak and the video is blurry. But Stirrup reassures Michalzik she indeed licked the steak. “No, her tongue popped out,” he said. “It “It was like a f**king little cat.”

They can’t help themselves

Even though they are uneasy with her behavior, they feel compelled to re-watch the video. “Ah, she did,” Michalzik exclaims after re-watching the deed. At this point, he is grinning.

Michalzik and Stirrup were in the van along with Kolomeitseva and stew Aesha Scott when Kolomeitseva shared her views on homosexuality. When Kolomeitseva said she didn’t want to see two men kiss, Stirrup immediately pretended to make out with Michalzik.

But after Kolomeitseva goes further and doubles down, Michalzik lowers the boom and delivers what has to be the signature line of the season. “Your opinion on gays shows your opinion on humanity, which is f**king terrible,” he remarks. “Sit on the opposite end of this f**king table from me. You absolute oxygen thief.”