Travis Scott Confirms Collab Album With Kid Cudi

Rap artists Travis Scott and Kid Cudi thrilled fans this spring when they released a song they had recorded together. That single, “The Scotts,” was so well received that it was streamed more than 32 million times the first week. Since then, fans have been waiting eagerly to hear about another collaboration between the two. And this week Scott let the world know that it looks like they are going to get their wish. 

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Fellow rap stars

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Scott was named Jacques Webster when he was born in Houston in 1992. He was fixated on music from a very young age, and he started recording his own songs in his room when he was just a teen. Much to his parents’ dismay, he later dropped out of college to pursue music in Los Angeles. 

His talent and relentless work eventually caught the attention of industry leaders such as T.I. and Kanye West. Since then, he’s gone on to sell more than 45 million records in the U.S. He’s been nominated for six Grammy Awards and won one Billboard Music Award. 

Kid Cudi is just a little a bit older than Scott. He was born Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi in Cleveland in 1984, according to All Music. His debut single “Day ‘n’ Nite” took the internet by storm in 2008, and that year Rolling Stone named him one of the top five best indie hip-hop artists of the year. He’s had a wide-ranging career, and he has sold over 20 million albums. 

Working together

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These two talented artists obviously run in the same circles. Scott has mentioned in the past how much he admires his fellow rapper, once telling Rolling Stone “In my whole career, all I wanted was acceptance from Kid Cudi. I don’t care about nothing else!”

In 2016, Scott was featured on Kid Cudi’s album “Passion, Pain, & Demon Slayin’, along with a few other artists, including Pharrell Williams and Andre 3000. That same year, Scott released an album “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight,” with contributions from Kid Cudi, Kendrick Lamar, and Andre 3000. These collaborations obviously went well, and the ground was laid for the two to work together again at some time in the future. 

That day finally came last April, when the duo teamed up to record a single called “The Scotts,” after Kid Cudi’s original first name and Scott’s last name. The single was released during a groundbreaking concert Scott live-streamed in the popular online video game Fortnite. The music-loving community was starved for live performances during the coronavirus (COVID-19) shut down, and the unorthodox concert was a hit. “The Scotts” debuted at the top of the Rolling Stone Top 100 chart, and it left fans hoping for more. 

Now it looks like they may get their wish. 

Travis Scott says there’s a new album on the way

In a recent interview with GQ, Scott discussed the projects he’s currently working on. The subject of him collaborating with Kid Cudi again came up, and Scott was happy to confirm that they are working on an album together. 

This is the kind of information that fans have been waiting to hear for years. Scott didn’t want to offer too many details about the project, but he did play an as-yet-untitled track for the interviewer, who described the sound as haunting and smooth. 

This news has fans in an uproar, and people are anxiously waiting to hear when the new album will drop. There’s no release date yet, so, for now, they’ll just have to hang on for their chance to experience it for themselves.