Tristan Thompson Surprises Khloé Kardashian With Stunning Flower Arrangement Following Larsa Pippen Drama

A few days ago, we were convinced Khloé Kardashian‘s back-on romance with Tristan Thompson was back on no more. Seeing as the reality star had unfollowed her daughter’s father on Instagram amid the Larsa Pippen drama, it seemed like she was no longer interested in trying to make things work with the athlete.

However, after Thompson had a massive bouquet of pink and white roses delivered to her, Kardashian re-followed him on social media, which now has us even more confused than before.

Tristan Thompson and Khloé Kardashian
Tristan Thompson and Khloé Kardashian | Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Remy Martin

Tristan Thompson congratulated Khloé Kardashian on her People’s Choice Awards win

For the last few months, Thompson has been doing everything in his power to remain in Khloé Kardashian’s good graces, and his latest gift to her is proof that he’s nowhere near done putting in the effort.

In a video shared to her Instagram Stories on Nov. 16, Kardashian revealed that Thompson had given her a massive bouquet of pink and white roses as a congratulatory gift for her winning the People Choice Award for Best Reality TV Star.

As she showed off the stunning bouquet, Kardashian caught her and Thompson’s two-year-old daughter True, who was standing next to the floral arrangement, trying to read the card.

“Did I get flowers from your daddy?” Khloé asked her little girl as she held the card and said the word mommy and a few other things in a soft voice.

“He says congratulations on winning People’s Choice,” the Good American founder revealed, as True tossed the card onto the floor.

Thompson’s gift comes a few days after Larsa Pippen revealed their secret fling

Just a few days before Thompson showered Kardashian with roses, the pair found themselves engulfed in some major drama along with the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner family.

On Nov. 9, ex-Kardashian friend Larsa Pippen gave a tell-all interview on the Hollywood Raw podcast, where she claimed she dated Thompson before Khloé.

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“I was seeing him, I had him come to L.A. I brought him to a party Kim had,” Pippen said. “I introduced him to all of them. Then a week later, or 10 days later, he started seeing Khloé. Which is fine, I don’t even care. It’s whatever. I’m the type of person that doesn’t chase what’s not for me. I will never chase a man; I will never put a leash on a man. I don’t do that. I feel like, let you be great. If you want to be with other people, go ahead. I’m great by myself.”

Pippen admitted she didn’t have hard feelings over Kardashian and Thompson’s relationship, adding, “I mean I love them together…they have a beautiful baby together.”

After Pippen made the shocking revelation, sources close to the Kardashian family dismissed her claims, noting that she and Thompson never had a romantic relationship.

“No one remembers Khloé meeting Tristan before that or being introduced to him through Larsa. Larsa was never dating Tristan,” an insider told Us Weekly. “They may have gone out in a group or met up, but they did not date. The family thinks she is embarrassing and seeking attention.”

A separate source echoed the same point to E! News, saying, “Khloé doesn’t believe Larsa was dating Tristan before her. Larsa knew Tristan, but they were never dating.”

Where do Thompson and Kardashian currently stand?

Last we heard, things were going pretty well between Kardashian and Thompson. After packing on the PDA while attending Kim Kardashian West’s 40th birthday, sources revealed that the pair had reconciled and were looking forward to starting a brand new chapter together.

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“They are together and very happy,” the source told E! News at the time. “She’s very happy that he’s around and that things have been going as well as they have.”

However, following Pippen’s tell-all interview, Kardashian unfollowed Thompson on Instagram. She also posted a series of dramatic quotes to the photo-sharing platform, something she has done in the past to subtly address drama happening between her and the NBA player.

Now that Kardashian has re-followed the athlete on Instagram, it’s hard to tell where their relationship currently stands.

While we want to believe Kardashian and Thompson are giving their romance another try, their relationship status remains unclear. Hopefully, someone will soon tell us what’s really going on between the pair because this is all just way too confusing.