‘True Detective’: More Ambiguous Details About New Season Unveiled

Source: HBO

No show in recent memory has pervaded pop culture consciousness quite like True Detective. With its labyrinthine plot, nebulous ethics, and sordid depiction of backwoods swampland Louisiana, Nic Pizzolatto’s 8-episode cerebral drama looked and felt like nothing that had ever graced television, laptop, or iPad screens. It commingles police procedural and Richard Yates-esque familial drama, and it often threatens to veer into the supernatural, though it never quite does. It’s ambiguous and slippery, difficult to pin down yet demanding of your attention. It was, arguably, the first weekly whose phenomenal success is rooted in streaming: viewers rewatched episodes prodigiously, picking up slight details Pizzolatto didn’t even notice, trying to ascertain who the Yellow King was, and where Carcosa was.

The real key to True Detective‘s success, though, is Matthew McConaughey, who gives one of the most complex performances in television history. The only thing that may keep him from winning a much-deserved Emmy is Bryan Cranston, whose performance as Walter White became gradually more histrionic.

However, McConaughey and Woody Harrelson won’t return for season 2 of True Detective. Rumors circulated that Brad Pitt and Jessica Chastain had been in talks to play lead roles, though it’s since been confirmed that Chastain turned the role down. All we know is that, according to series creator Nic Pizzolatto, there will be three leads, the show is going to take place in California, though not in Los Angeles, and it’s about “hard women, bad men, and the secret occult history of the United States transportation system.”

According to some random commenter on Gawker, Christian Bale may be in talks to star, but, again, this is from a commenter on Gawker – though the article’s author seems to be interested in what this random guy has to say.

True Detective came under some fire for its penurious depiction of women (which was, in all fairness, consistent with the views of its squalid, morally-abraded characters.) So Pizzolatto has said that this season will feature a female lead. Expect to hear more casting rumors in the weeks to come.

Given how integral Louisiana is to the first season of True Detective, one can safely assume that Pizzolatto is assiduously scouting locations for the next season. California is pretty big, and his ambiguous answer eliminates just one city. Maybe the show will take place in San Francisco and channel John Boorman’s brilliant Point Blank (which could totally work); northern California and tap Twin Peaks‘ pacific northwest surrealism; or southern California and depict some weird combination of Veronica Mars and Point Break with surfing detectives. Who knows. The only absolute is that trying to guess where season 2 will go is an ever expanding rabbit hole, the same as trying to guess how season 1 was going to end.

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