‘True Detective’ Trailer Shows Different Side of Stars

HBO has finally released the first footage of the highly anticipated second season of the anthology crime drama True Detective. The trailer doesn’t have any dialogue, but features stars Rachel McAdams, Vince Vaughn, Colin Farrell, and Taylor Kitsch in character. It looks as though Season 2 will feature the same violence, thrilling suspense, and moody starring as the critically lauded first installment did.

It’s exciting to get some footage just to sneak a glimpse of the actors in their True Detective roles. McAdams and Vaughn in particular are going outside their comfort zones for the gritty roles on the show. This clip is our first chance to see McAdams as Ventura County Sheriff’s detective Ani Bezzerides, and from the trailer this looks like it could be a career-changer for her in a similar way the role of Rust Cohle on the first season was for Matthew McConaughey. McAdams toting a gun and leading police officers through a crime scene is a far cry from her romantic, eye-candy roles in movies like The Notebook, Sherlock Holmes, and Midnight in Paris.

This is certainly a more serious role than we’ve seen Vaughn in before and many questioned the actor’s casting in the leading role when it was announced. It is strange to see him in the trailer wearing such a serious expression and never once making a loud remark or cracking a joke. Vaughn’s character is described as a career criminal who tries to go straight but ends up having his move toward legitimization turned on its head after the murder of a business partner.

Farrell will play a fellow detective of McAdams’s character who is torn between the corrupt police department he works for and the mobster who essentially owns him. He’s probably the most fitting actor that’s been cast on the show as he’s played a lot of gritty characters, but he hasn’t had a hit film in a while. Even just based on the short trailer, his mustachioed detective part looks impressive, even without the brass knuckles.

It seems that similarly to the first season, place and setting will play a big part on the show as well. The first season was set in rural Louisiana, while the second takes place in Los Angeles. The trailer opens with L.A.’s sprawling highways. Later we see overhead shots of the city and a map of the town as Vaughn’s character gives a presentation before a room full of people. Vaughn said in an interview with Playboy earlier this year that the California setting changed much of show’s tone from the first season.

Creator Nic Pizzolatto is a novelist and his writing is what really made the show in its first season. He has returned to write all eight episodes of the second season, and many will be watching to see if he can repeat his initial success a second time. Pizzolatto’s writing is what has attracted such big-name actors to the show and loved the material enough to take risks with characters far different from the ones they usually play.

One more thing to expect in Season 2: a giant orgy. That’s right; The Hollywood Reporter reported last month that the show had cast two adult film actresses “for a deliriously vast, Eyes Wide Shut-caliber orgy sequence involving dozens of naked bodies.” The porn stars Amia Miley and Peta Jensen were among the dozens of extras used in the shoot, though THR said they ironically didn’t get naked during it. Farrell and McAdams were also present during the scene’s shooting.

The new season of True Detective will premiere on HBO on Sunday, June 21.

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