20 of Trump’s Worst Tweets (So Far)

Donald Trump at a press conference
Not all of Trump’s ventures have been successful | Tom Pennington/Getty Images

FDR had his fireside chats, and Donald Trump has his 3 a.m. Twitter rants. Our current president has been in the public eye considerably less since his January 2017 inauguration, but his direct line of communication with the people — Twitter — remains intact. This particular branch of social media has become the chief mouthpiece for President Trump, but even before his bid for the presidency began, Trump’s Twitter feed offered an unsettling, amusing, and often depressing glimpse into the mind of this controversial orange-tinged reality TV star.

It isn’t exactly pretty, but we’re taking a look at the worst tweets from @realDonaldTrump, ranked from least offensive to most awful.

20. Take that back

One of Trump's tweets about Meryl Streep
One of Trump’s tweets | Donald J. Trump via Twitter

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s talent. Right? Wrong, says Trump. After Meryl Streep condemned him (without ever speaking his name) at the 2017 Golden Globes ceremony, Trump took to social media to call her “overrated.” This is undeniable blasphemy, and is yet another example of his incredibly fragile ego.

19. That’s kind of redundant …

One of Trump's tweets about the travel ban
One of Trump’s tweets | Donald J. Trump via Twitter

Trump’s first order of business after his inauguration was the travel ban, or “Muslim ban.” Yikes. After it was shut down and the U.S. Court of Appeals upheld the block, Trump took to Twitter and said “SEE YOU IN COURT” … to the court. Huh? The internet had a lot of fun mocking that one.

18. ‘So-called judge’

One of Donald Trump's tweets on "the so-called judge"
One of Donald Trump’s tweets | Donald J. Trump via Twitter

This may be the most damaging of Trump’s tweets when it comes to the system of checks and balances upon which our government is founded. For no reason, Trump calls into question the legitimacy of a (perfectly legitimate) federal judge who struck down his misguided and poorly-executed travel ban, then falsely alleges that the ban was the nation’s only effective form of law enforcement. Oh, and by the way, the judge’s ruling won’t be overturned. Sad!

17. Our ‘unsecure’ border

One of Donald Trump's tweets on the Mexico/US border
One of Donald Trump’s tweets | Donald J. Trump via Twitter

Putting aside a typo that ought to embarrass any leader of the free world, this tweet from July of 2015 put Trump’s oversized ego on prime display. A common theme of his campaign was the idea that he alone could fix the issues facing Americans — even overblown issues like border security. We should base all our international policy decisions on Breitbart News articles that use anecdotal evidence to stoke fear of immigrants! Never mind that Trump’s border wall would likely stop more illegal immigrants returning to Mexico than coming to America.

16. Non-voters

One of Trump's tweets about the Women's Marches
One of Trump’s tweets | Donald J. Trump via Twitter

In Trump’s mind, if someone is protesting, it’s because they didn’t do anything to stop the situation from happening. Following the women’s marches across the nation (and the globe) in January 2017, Trump asked on Twitter “Why didn’t these people vote?” This may be because he can’t seem to fathom a world in which one doesn’t get whatever they want with a wave of their hand.

He also stated that the celebrities in attendance were harmful to the cause, despite the fact that they brought even more media attention — and larger crowds than those at Trump’s inauguration the day before.

15. Coincidence?

One of Donald Trump's tweets on Obamas birth certificate
One of Donald Trump’s tweets | Donald J. Trump via Twitter

These are the kind of wild conspiracy theories our current president likes to spread. At least Trump eventually found it within himself to “end” claims that Obama is not a native-born citizen, which, according to his version of events, were started by Hillary Clinton.

14. The real issues

One of Donald Trump's tweets on burning the american flag
One of Donald Trump’s tweets | Donald J. Trump via Twitter

It would be nice to have a president with some basic understanding of our Constitution, or at least the First Amendment. Flag-burning is constitutionally-protected free speech and should always remain so. This tweet did nothing more than create an issue where none existed and make it easier for Trump and his supporters to demonize “flag-burning protesters” for the sake of their own political agenda.

13. Zero humility here

One of Trump's tweets
One of Trump’s tweets | Donald J. Trump via Twitter

In November 2017, three UCLA basketball players were unable to return home from a trip to China after they were caught shoplifting. Once they were allowed to leave and re-enter the U.S., Trump decided that they were ungrateful for what he, personally, had done to help them get home, and verbally attacked one of the players’ fathers after he said in an interview that he didn’t think Trump did much of anything, and he wasn’t impressed by the president’s lack of humility.

12. If I don’t like it, it’s fake

One of Donald Trump's tweets on negative polls
One of Donald Trump’s tweets | Donald J. Trump via Twitter

Like Nixon before him, Trump relies on the idea of a “silent majority” — a plurality of “regular Americans” who support his agenda even when political experts and media publications oppose it. While that might be true in some cases, it doesn’t excuse this sweeping denial, wherein Trump essentially promises to ignore any information that doesn’t fit his own narrative. That’s at least one promise we can count on him to keep.

11. A witch hunt — for a witch

One of Trump's tweets
One of Trump’s tweets | Donald J. Trump via Twitter

Trump loves to feel sorry for himself. On several occasions, he has claimed that he is being treated poorly — by the media, by the public, and by specific members of the government. In June, he tweeted that the pending investigation against his ties with Russian in regards to the 2016 election constituted “the single greatest WITCH HUNT in American political history. Maybe you should rethink that statement, Trump — we think your own crusade against Hillary fits that definition better.

10. ‘Phony’ election polls

One of Trump's tweets about the polls
One of Trump’s tweets | Donald J. Trump via Twitter

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Trump will claim anything is “fake” if it’s not flattering toward him. As Trump’s approval rating sinks lower and lower, we’re certain he’ll continue to deny their legitimacy. His ego just can’t take it.

9. Global warming, disproved

One of Donald Trump's tweets on global warming
One of Donald Trump’s tweets | Donald J. Trump via Twitter

We think this tweet goes a long way in explaining how the mind of Donald Trump functions. He bases his opinions only on the anecdotal evidence immediately in front of him (i.e. “It’s unseasonably cold today? Global warming doesn’t exist!”), and then ignores any new facts that might contradict his opinion and thus bruise his monumentally fragile ego.

8. Alternative facts

One of Donald Trump's tweets on the popular vote
One of Donald Trump’s tweets | Donald J. Trump via Twitter

Ah yes, how could we forget all those three million non-citizens who descended upon America on election day in a futile attempt to sway the election in Hillary Clinton’s favor by voting in states where her victory was already assured. All the most credible newspapers have been reporting on it! Wait, they haven’t? Well, maybe they’re just too busy investigating members of Trump’s team who made contact with Russian officials during the campaign and then committed perjury denying it.

7. Potential slut shaming

One of Trump's tweets
One of Trump’s tweets | Donald J. Trump via Twitter

Trump’s misogyny runs rampant on Twitter and often extends to members of the government. This tweet about Senator Kirsten Gillibrand posits that the New York-based democrat is simply doing the bidding of Chuck Schumer, and seems to insinuate that she did unprofessional things for campaign contributions at one time. Gillibrand responded with a concise tweet condemning Trump’s treatment of women.

6. A stunning prediction

One of Donald Trump's tweets on Obama
One of Donald Trump’s tweets | Donald J. Trump via Twitter

This is how our current president began his political career — with unsubstantiated, substance-less criticism of his successor. Nonetheless, we assume his prediction came true eventually — they usually do when they’re so vague that they’re essentially meaningless. In fact, we’re calling it now — we predict Trump “will now do something really bad and totally stupid to show manhood!”

5. Very, very racist

One of Trump's racist tweets
One of Trump’s tweets | Donald J. Trump via Twitter

There’s not much to say about this one. Not that Trump ever has actual facts to back up his claims, but this is an incredibly racist statement even if you did have reliable stats. When he tweeted this, he was still just a bankrupt business owner and reality TV show host. If only we knew then …

4. Sorry losers

One of Donald Trump's tweets on his IQ
One of Donald Trump’s tweets | Donald J. Trump via Twitter

Like many of Trump’s tweets, this one would sound immature coming from the mouth of a third-grade bully. But Trump is right — he does have one of the highest IQs recorded in human history, and you can tell because he always has the best words. It’s difficult to admit, but at least Trump has the grace and courtesy to apologize for his unquestionable greatness.

3. No empathy at all

One of Trump's tweets
One of Trump’s tweets | Donald J. Trump via Twitter

September 2017 was a horrific month for hurricanes, and support was seriously lacking from our president. His worst offense came when he not only objected to helping out Puerto Rico but condemned San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz’s leadership.

Trump claimed that those in the wake of the destruction were trying to get “everything to be done for them” by the U.S. Despite his complete lack of empathy, Cruz refused to put down Trump,

2. What did they expect?

One of Donald Trump's tweets on rape in the military
One of Donald Trump’s tweets | Donald J. Trump via Twitter

Given Trump’s history of troubling sexual politics and misogynistic statements (or, as he calls them, “locker room talk”), perhaps it’s not surprising that he assumes that men and women working within the same organization automatically leads to rape.

In a single tweet, he neglects to sympathize with the victims while placing the blame on these governmental “geniuses” that integrated the military, rather than the men actually assaulting their fellow service-members.

1. A serious lack of fact-checking

A video that Trump re-tweeted
A video that Trump re-tweeted | Jayda Fransen via Twitter

Considering how many of Trump’s tweets are just plain wrong, it’s no surprise that he made this recent blunder. But this mistake was harmful in a few ways.

Trump retweeted a number of videos shared by Jayda Fransen, the dubious leader of the Britain First party, one of which she claimed was of a Muslim youth beating up a Dutch teenager who was seen using crutches. As it turns out, both of the boys in the video were Dutch citizens, and the perpetrator was arrested for his actions. It’s a serious issue when the leader of the U.S. is spreading this kind of hateful propaganda without a second thought.

Additional reporting by Becca Bleznak.

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