6 TV Shows With the Most Attractive Cast Members

There are so many television shows today that viewers often experience a huge range in quality. There are some series that are flat out hated, while there are those that are said to be evidence that we’re in the golden age of television. Of course a show’s quality is based on the cast’s talent and more, but there are some series that definitely took looks into account when building up their cast. Sometimes this makes sense, like if a character is meant to be the main love interest. But other times it’s insane just how good looking everyone on a show is, including minor characters who we may only show up for a couple of episodes. So which series are full of eye candy? Here are the 6 TV shows with the most attractive cast members.

6. The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries | The CW

The show starts off with high schooler Elena Gilbert being torn between two vampire brothers. Of course these love interests, Stefan and Damon are definitely hot, but the rest of the cast is incredibly good looking as well. Not exactly into vampires? Well the show also includes other hot supernatural characters, including werewolves, witches, and more.

The fact that everyone on the show is so attractive definitely leads to love triangles and makes the fact that all of the characters fall in love with each other at some point much more believable. When the story is lacking, it makes sense that the die hard fan base would continue watching because of their attraction to the actors. As if the main cast wasn’t enough, the show also introduces a hot vampire family that was so compelling they started their own spinoff show with a cast that gives the original series a run for their money.

5. Empire


The cast of Empire | FOX

The musical drama can be pretty outlandish with its story lines, but what’s important is that all of the characters are having fun and looking good while doing it. Since the cast tends to be music performers they are dressed in sexy catsuits for music videos, and have plenty of money to spend on luxurious clothes. Even without a great wardrobe, each person on the cast looks amazing. The Lyons are a very dysfunctional family that happens to always look amazing.

4. Grey’s Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy, TV medical drama

The cast of Grey’s Anatomy | ABC

What are the requirements to become a surgeon? Looking at the cast of the long-running Grey’s Anatomy, you’d think being attractive would be a serious requirement. The show unashamedly acknowledges the hotness of its doctors by promoting nicknames like “McSteamy” and “McDreamy.” Like other shows on the list, there are also a lot of relationships being formed and broken within the cast, which is understandable given all of the attractive options. The show is also good at keeping a diverse cast, which means not just one standard of beauty is being shown.

3. Jane the Virgin

source: The CW

Gina Rodriguez on Jane the Virgin | The CW

The comedy follows young Jane as she is accidentally inseminated and gets caught between her sexy and rich baby daddy and her cute boyfriend. Everyone in the cast is incredibly attractive, including Jane’s mother played by Andrea Navedo and her father played by Jamie Camil. It also doesn’t hurt that most of them speak Spanish, which is a sexy language on its own. The great thing about this show is that it doesn’t need to rely on the cast’s attractiveness to keep its audience. It’s genuinely funny and has an interesting plot. The talent of the show’s actors is what makes them even hotter.

2. Luke Cage

Luke Cage

Luke Cage | Netflix

The new Netflix show made headlines for becoming an overnight sensation after its release. The casting, music, and dialogue truly sets it apart from the other Marvel shows. But if you ask us, the attractiveness of the cast is also what makes it stand out.

Of course, the titular superhero played by Mike Colter, definitely left an impression on us. However, with Theo Rossi, Mahershala Ali, Karen Pittman, and more added to the cast, it’s undeniable how attractive everyone is. The coolness of the show’s villains even make us secretly want to root for them along with our heroes. Those steamy love scenes also don’t hurt.

1. Game of Thrones

Daenerys in Game of Thrones

Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones | HBO

The show has a huge cast and most of them get the audience’s attention through their interesting stories. But for most of them, being really hot is a plus too! The show has just as many grotesque scenes with violence, as hot moments with risqué sex scenes. The cast could easily look cheesy in their wigs and medieval-style clothing. However, you take them seriously.

A definite sign that you have the hottest cast on TV is having one of your stars called the “Sexiest Woman Alive.” Esquire ended up giving that title to Emilia Clarke who plays Daenerys Targaryen in 2015. Her long blonde locks and team of dragons make her one of the show’s most iconic characters. Jon Snow has also been giving her competition for Game of Thrones‘ hottest character, but either way, you can’t lose.

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