1980s Celebrities Who Are Unrecognizable Today

Sometimes celebrities get frozen in time by their most famous roles. That is especially true for child stars and celebrities who became famous during a unique time for fashion and pop culture. For example, there are many celebrities from the 1980s who you probably wouldn’t recognize today.

Some are unrecognizable because they’ve aged, while others have changed their style or have gotten plastic surgery. So which ’80s celebrities look vastly different now? Here are 20 celebrities who are unrecognizable today.

1. Peter Billingsley

On the left is Petter Billingsley wearing glasses and holding on to a slide. On the right is an adult Peter Billgsley smiling on the red carpet.

Left: A Christmas Story | MGM, Right: Peter Billingsley | Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Every year you see young Peter Billingsley’s face on television because of his role as Ralphie in A Christmas Story. Although many people find themselves relating to his character, they probably wouldn’t recognize him as an adult.

Today he’s a producer of movies like The Break-Up and Iron Man.


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