’90 Day Fiancé’: This On and Off Couple Finally Split for Good

Some couples just can’t make things work. Breakups are all too common in the world of 90 Day Fiancé. Viewers of the show watch the couples experience the highs of love and the lows of breakups and divorce. Now, one of the franchise’s resident on and off couples has finally called things off for good.

90 Day Fiancé
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Ashley Martson and Jay Smith’s relationship

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith first appeared on season 6 of the show. The pair met when Martson was on vacation in Jamaica. They immediately hit it off despite their age and cultural differences. Smith and Martson eventually decided to elope because some members of their friends and family did not support their union.

After their wedding, Martson found out that Smith was messaging girls on Tinder and inviting them over while she was out of the house. Martson took Smith back after briefly breaking up with him over the incident. Unfortunately, the two broke up again shortly after reuniting.

“I’m a big believer in following your heart and it is true that I took Jay back once again,” she told In Touch when they broke up again. “I know people will judge me and, while I can accept that, it was ultimately my decision. However, what my friend is saying turned out to be true and Jay confirmed it himself on the phone that he did indeed have another girl who is claiming he got her pregnant. He said he doesn’t believe her but they are going to get a test done and, regardless, it’s clear he cheated on me.

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“I am distraught yet again and am picking up the pieces and doing my best to move on,” she continued. “I know that I only have myself to blame for the situation I’m in again. It’s no one’s fault but my own. I can safely say I am, once and for all, done with Jay.”

Though Martson claimed to be done with Smith, history soon repeated itself and the two got back together. They even began making a series of YouTube videos about how they reunited and were able to work things out. In the videos, they also discussed the possibility of having children together in the future.

Ashley and Jay split for good

Now, it seems that Martson is ready to hop off the rollercoaster that is her relationship with Smith. On Sep. 19, she took to Instagram to announce that she was done with her husband.

“Before the stories get all misconstrued I will just address it myself,” she wrote. “Jay and I have made the decision to separate for good. I thought I was stronger and more forgiving but I’m not. Sometimes when trust is broken, it just cannot be repaired.”

Unlike their past breakups, this one did not involve any infidelity.

 “I wish Jay the best and we are both on the same page with this,” she continued. “No one cheated. No one did anything. I simply couldn’t get over the past.”

She closed the message by asking her close friends and family to forgive her for not telling them about the breakup personally.