Actors Who Were Fired While Filming Hit TV Shows

TV shows often become well-known for the actors who star in them. However, even actors aren’t immune to getting fired. Here’s a look at stars who were given their walking papers, leaving the show to try and carry on without them. In one situation, the series actually ended when the actress was fired.

From pregnancies to drugs to bad public behavior, check out 12 celebrities who were fired from hit TV shows.

1. Lynn Redgrave

Actress Lynn Redgrave holding her baby daughter Kelly, whose father is actor Jim Clark, at their home in Barnes, London, March 1st 1970.

Lynn Redgrave holding her daughter, Kelly. | Keystone Features/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

House Calls was a TV show that ran from 1979 to 1982. In it, Redgrave played Ann Anderson, a hospital administrative assistant who was romantically involved, but often at odds, with Dr. Charley Michaels. In 1981, Universal Studios released a statement saying that Redgrave had left the CBS series because the studio wouldn’t meet her salary demands, according to an article posted on the Los Angeles Times.

However, Redgrave told a very different story. She asserted she was forced off the TV show because she wanted to breastfeed her 5-week-old daughter on set, per People. Universal denied this claim, but a phone call transcript recorded Pete Terranova, who was a negotiator for Universal at the time, saying that the breastfeeding “is the biggest problem of all for us.”

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