Barack and Michelle Obama: The Former First Couple’s Most Adorable Moments

Remember the days when the president and first lady showed love for one another? Barack and Michelle Obama had no problem packing on a little PDA and constantly showing us what real love looks like. Whether they were together or apart, the former first couple couldn’t stop gushing about each other.

From their playful banter to the simple looks they gave to each other, these are Barack and Michelle’s 15 most adorable moments as a couple.

1. Barack giving Michelle a thumbs up

Barack Obama giving a thumbs up

Barack  Obama shows his approval for his wife’s stunning look. | PopSugar via YouTube

At the 2016 State Dinner for Singapore’s Prime Minister, Barack had no shame in letting everyone know: Michelle was lookin’ good. He gave his thumbs up in approval as she stunned the world in her beautiful Brandon Maxwell gown.

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