‘Below Deck Med:’ What Does Adrienne Gang Think About Hannah Ferrier?

As chief stew of the flagship Below Deck series, Adrienne Gang has some distance between her season and the rest of the show. She’s been able to move onto becoming a yacht chef and recently got married.

Even though Gang is no longer on Below Deck, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have opinions and insights into the show. She’s reflected on her seminal season, plus offered opinions about what the current chief stews encounter.

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She discussed the environment the current chief stews work in with Bravo’s The Daily Dish. She specifically commented on what she thinks about how Hannah Ferrier handles her position too.

These chief stews have it ‘easier’

Gang chatted with Bravo in 2016 and said Kate Chastain and Ferrier have it easier than she did. “I think the chief stews since me have had it a lot easier than I did with the girls that they had,” she remarked. During her season, she often butted heads with stews Kat Held and Samantha Orme.

She observed that the crew Chastain and Ferrier received are more enthusiastic about their jobs. “The girls that they had actually wanted to do work. I think Tiffany [Copeland] is amazing. I think the Below Deck Med cast, everybody wanted to be there to do their job, except for one or two people,” she added.

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“For the most part, as far as the interior crew, I think that Kate [Chastain] and Hannah [Ferrier] both got lucky because they had great girls underneath them that actually wanted to do their job, and I think I was at a deficit there.”

Gang made this observation about Ferrier

When Gang spoke with Bravo in 2016, Below Deck Med was still a relatively new show. But she liked what she saw, especially in Ferrier. “I think Hannah handles herself amazingly well,” Gang told Bravo’s The Daily Dish. “I love watching her because I think she’s really creative, and I think for me, seeing her do things a little differently is always a learning experience.” 

In fact, Gang seems to be Team Below Deck Med all the way. During the recent chef debacle Gang tweeted her support for the crew. “1.5 episodes into the new season of #BelowDeckMed and we’ve already determined that @CaptSandyYawn and @hannahferrier_ would make better chefs than this chick… So many talented lady chefs out there, and this is what we get… “

She also wanted Ferrier to know she totally understood how frustrated she must be with the situation. “I’m so confused watching this chef flounder… It’s not that hard, sandwiches and salad… @hannahferrier_ frustration is totally warranted…”

Is she still friends with her stews?

A friendship with Orme seemed close to impossible as the stews never seemed to get along. However, Gang and Held appeared to have their moments of levity during the show.

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“[Kat] actually ended up working for me for quite a while after [Below Deck],” Gang told Bravo’s The Daily Dish in 2016. “I hired her to work for me for an entire season. We actually went up to Newport, where she’s from, so we got to hang out with her family and meet everybody.”

But, Held made comments about Gang on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, which tanked their friendship. During her appearance, Held questioned Gang’s sexuality. “And so, we are not friends,” Gang said.