Canceled TV Shows That Could Still Make a Return

It used to be a fairly uncommon thing for a TV show to return after being canceled. But these days, in the age of the TV revival, it is happening more and more often. Over the past few years, we’ve seen tons of canceled shows return, and in 2018, many more are on the way.

Sometimes, the show is one that just recently got canceled by another network, such as American Idol. But in other cases, a show that was canceled years ago can still come back, such as Young Justice, which is returning in 2018 after being canceled in 2013.

So what are some other shows that have been canceled but have a good chance of getting a second life? Here’s a look at the ones we think are most likely to return. We’ll be talking specifically about canceled shows, not including series that ended naturally after a long run, like The West Wing or Lost.

1. Hannibal


Hannibal | NBC

NBC canceled its low-rated but critically acclaimed series Hannibal at the end of the third season. The Season 3 finale did sort of work as an ending, but there was enough left open that Bryan Fuller was clearly prepared to keep the story going had the network been interested.

Ever since then, there has been talk of a revival. That began literally days after the finale when Fuller suggested that there had been some conversations with Amazon and Netflix. Both streaming services ended up passing, but then Fuller said that a feature film might be possible.

In August 2017, Fuller said that discussions of a revival have officially begun. The cast is interested, and Fuller is now free, having left American Gods. So now, he just has to find someone willing to finance the project.

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