Celebrity Halloween Costumes We Want to Steal

There are different ways of approaching how to dress for Halloween. If you like looking good, then you might be into stylish costume ideas. Some celebrities opt to do the same and have spent a lot of money in order to do so. But then there are those who go scary or silly for the holiday.

So which celebrity costumes have made us jealous? Here are 15 celebrity Halloween costumes we want to steal.

1. Katy Perry as a vampire queen

The pop star definitely steps it up when it comes to Halloween. One year, she was literally a mic drop that pretty much won the best costume of the year. She was also a sad Cheeto, which had many fans laughing. Then there was the time she dressed up as Jane Lane from Daria, which actually made us wish there was a live-action movie of the classic show.

However, we are pretty jealous of one of her more underrated costumes. She went as a vampire, but switched it up by going royal. She proved that even the most played out costume ideas can be interesting if you get creative with them.

This is one of the few impressive celebrity costumes you can steal with some common items. All you need is a body suit, a sheer dress, fangs, and a crown. If you’re someone who isn’t a natural when it comes to makeup, then you’re in luck! MTV did a great tutorial on how to create this vampire makeup look.

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