These Celebrity Wedding Crashers Are the Best Uninvited Guests Ever

No one wants their wedding crashed by uninvited guests — unless of course, the visitors are big stars. From A-list actors to former presidents, who knows who may show up on your big day? The following famous faces surprised couples during their nuptials. And one royal encounter shocked the whole bridal party (on page 9).

1. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt poses with the newlyweds.

The A-list star posed with the newlyweds. | b/60 via Youtube.

Where: Buckinghamshire, England

In 2013, a couple asked Brad Pitt to take a photo with them after their wedding party spotted him at the Stoke Park hotel in Buckinghamshire. The actor, who was on location filming Fury at the time, agreed and smiled with the newlyweds.

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