‘Counting On’: Fans Think Jeremy and Jinger are Jockeying For Their Own Show

Everyone knows that Jinger and Jeremy moved to Los Angeles so the former Syracuse University student can pursue additional education. The formerly Laredo-based couple has been stationed far from the Duggars since they first got married, but that didn’t stop them from appearing on Counting On. Now, however, fans are pretty sure Jeremy is jockeying for a spinoff, and he seems to be selling the idea hard on his Instagram page.

Why do fans think Jeremy wants a spinoff?

Jinger and Jeremy have spent a reasonable amount of time and effort distancing themselves from the ultra-conservative Christian family Jinger was born into. Sure, the couple remains within the religion, but they’ve put a lot of energy in to appearing different from the rest of the family.

Jinger started donning pants. Jeremy made sure to post his extensive book collection to every social media platform available. Now Jinger is looking fierce with blond hair. They clearly want to be different, and different could be a perfect way to take their relationship with TLC solo.

Fans also note that Jeremy’s Instagram usage has become hyper-focused on showing fans what his family is up to out West. Could the Philadelphia native be gauging fan interest to make a better case with the networks? Reddit fans think so. 

Rumors swirled that the couple threatened to leave Counting On

An anonymous post on Facebook alleged Jeremy’s father told friends that the couple was planning to end their involvement on Counting On. The alleged conversation happened in 2018, but the couple continued to appear on the show. Some fans believe the couple negotiated a new contract with TLC to stay.

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If Jeremy jockeyed for proper pay for his involvement, it’s likely he could also push TLC to consider a spinoff series focusing on their life together instead of how they relate to the rest of the Duggar family.

What would the spinoff be about?

Jeremy grew up in Philadelphia, but Jinger certainly has no experience living in a large city. The Duggar daughter spent her formative years in a small town in Arkansas. Before TLC came knocking she probably didn’t venture far past the family compound. Some fans think the mother of one and her former soccer player husband could sell a “fish out of water’ reality show.

Life in Los Angeles is sure to be different from the couple’s time in Laredo. It will also be worlds apart from Jinger’s upbringing; the concept could be interesting for viewers. They already have a built-in audience from Counting On, too, making the concept even easier to sell to networks.