‘Dancing with the Stars’: The Most Controversial Celebrities to Join the Show

The competition show is always on the hunt to get celebrities to join the cast. They tend to cast a wide net for the type of celebrities they look for from politicians to Olympians to pop stars. But that also means many celebrities have turned the show down.

The show tends to swoop in on celebrities when they are in need of some good publicity. Some celebrities were at the height of controversy when it was announced they were doing the show, which in turn led to public outrage. Other celebrities were just controversial from the start given how they got their fame.

But who were the most controversial celebrities to put on their dancing shoes to win the Mirrorball trophy? Here 15 celebrities ranked from least to most controversial who have joined the show.

15. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian and Mark Ballas listening to their dance scores.

Kim Kardashian and Mark Ballas | ABC

The reality star seems to be one of those celebrities people either hate or love. Either way, she switched reality shows for a short time to compete on Dancing with the Stars for Season 7. Her partner was Mark Ballas and her time on the show was pretty uneventful.

She was the third celebrity to be eliminated. “This was a huge challenge for me,” she told E! News. “Every dance was a huge accomplishment for me, and I did the best I could. And this was the best experience of my life.”

In the end, the reality star gained more fans from the experience including host Samantha Harris. “Everyone told me that getting to know her outside of the tabloids and the reality show has been so refreshing,” she told E! News “since Kim is such a sweetheart. I feel the same way.”

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