Dark Secrets Ivana Trump Revealed About the Trump Family

As the first wife of Donald Trump, it’s no surprise Ivana Trump has dirt on the family. She was married to Donald from 1977 to 1992 — the longest-standing of Donald’s three marriages (so far). It’s been decades since they were together, but she remains in the Trump family picture. After all, she raised the three most well-known Trump kids: Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Jr.

Ivana has spilled some dark secrets about the Trump family, from Donald’s unromantic marriage proposal to who gets credit for raising their children. Plus, you won’t believe how long Donald had actually been planning to run for president.

1. She used controversial parenting methods

Ivana Trump sitting at a fashion show.

She was a strict mother. | Astrid Stawiarz

Ivana may be proud of how her parenting shaped their children, but their upbringing involved some controversial methods. According to Time, Ivana has admitted that “[she] is proud never to have breastfed. She’s an unabashed spanker. She believes in routine, very full schedules, and punctuality.”

Next: She was seriously strict with these rules.

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