25 Difficult Actors Who Walked off Set

Movies and television shows entertain us and make us happy. But the people who are starring in them aren’t always happy while acting. Sometimes they don’t like the material or the people they are working with. Other times, their fame has gone to their heads and they want to throw their power around.

We have previously talked about the most difficult actors in Hollywood. Some of them earned that title by walking off the set. This tactic could be used to give actors time to blow off steam, but it is also a way for an actor to get their way in exchange for coming back to work.

Here are 25 difficult actors who reportedly walked off set.

1. Emma Watson on This Is the End

Emma Watson poses in a black dress on the red carpet.

Emma Watson | Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images

The actress was one of many actors who had a cameo in the comedy film. In one scene, she was supposed to be at a party with Channing Tatum who was only in a thong. According to an extra on the set, she wasn’t happy once they started shooting together.

“During the scene, Channing decided to do some of his breakdancing in front of her but alas he was in nothing but a thong,” the extra wrote on Tumblr, according to Pop Focal. “So Emma storms off set. Everyone’s like WTF where is she going? She walks all the way down the street. So we wrapped the night 5 minutes later.”

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