Donald Trump and His Children: 30 Photos of Their Tight Family Bond

When it comes to controversial political figures, there are few presidents more polarizing than Donald Trump. But there’s one thing for sure: The Trump family is as tight as can be. With the five siblings all assisting their father with his presidential decisions, we can tell they’re ultra close. And it seems as if they’ve all always had a fantastic relationship with one another.

Here are 30 photos of Donald Trump Jr., Eric, Ivanka, Tiffany, and Barron showcasing just how close they are with their famous dad.

1. Donald Trump’s eldest son, Don Jr., was born in 1977

Donald Trump Jr. as a baby

Donald Trump Jr. as a baby | Donald Trump Jr. via Instagram

Most fathers have a strong connection to their firstborn — and such is certainly the case with Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr. Born in 1977, Don Jr.’s childhood was hectic at best, as his father was busily building his empire and his mother, Ivana Trump, was busy helping out with her husband’s ventures any way that she could, New York Magazine comments. And while he could have followed the rich wild-child stereotype some may have expected, Don Jr. learned to grow into his own. As a shy kid, he developed a sense of autonomy and his own hobbies to occupy his time.

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