ESPN Beats This Network for Wimbledon Broadcasting Rights

Disney‘s (NYSE:DIS) sports network ESPN has signed a deal for exclusive U.S. broadcast rights to the Wimbledon tennis tournament for the next 12 years, taking the contract from NBC (NASDAQ:CMCSA), which has been broadcasting this year’s tournament. This is Disney’s latest win in an ongoing battle between the media giant and Comcast’s NBC, which recently bought the rights to all of the Olympic Games through 2020.

Fans of tennis, at least those who have cable, will be glad of the news, as this year NBC chose not to broadcast some key semi-final matches. ESPN promises to broadcast all matches live. Over the last few years, NBC has had the rights to the tournament and its major games, but some of the lesser games were broadcast on ESPN. Now that ESPN has won full coverage rights, viewers should expect matches to be broadcast on ESPN channels as well as ABC, another subsidiary of the The Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS).

While there is no news yet as to how much Disney payed for the contract, but NBC’s most recent four-year deal came to about $13 million a year.

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